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Sarajevo (SJJ)

Address:Kurta Schorka 36 71210 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Useful advice

Some useful pieces of advice

- After check-in procedure, you should look at your air ticket to see if a luggage coupon is attached and if it suits a number of bags you checked-in.

- Remember how your luggage looks like and what colour it is. This is very important for the bags you have probably borrowed from.

- Do not bring food, fragile bottles and perishable stuffs. Try to imagine what could happen if such stuffs are kept in a warehouse for a couple of weeks.

- Airline is responsible only for checked-in luggage, i.e.those items being tagged. Passengers are responsible for cabin bags.

- Important and much-needed items like medicines, small gifts you are really fond of, a manuscript of your book or the only copy of your dissertation should be kept in your cabin luggage.

- For that reason you should mark at home each item of your luggage, putting on it your name and address. It could also be useful to add a name of the hotel you will stay in (as a temporary address). Nothing could be more useful when you trace a lost bag.

- The last but not the least important advice is never to leave your luggage unattended.





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Newcastle (NCL) airport

Newcastle International Airport Woolsington, Newcastle
Phone: 0871-882-1121, Email:

Sarajevo (SJJ)

Kurta Schorka 36 71210 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina , Vacha
Phone: +387-33-289100, Email:

Schwechat (VIE)

A-1300 Wien Flughafen , Vienna
Phone: +43-1-70070

Shannon airport (SNN)

DAA, Shannon Airport, Co Clare, Ireland, Shannon
Phone: +353-61-712000

Stansted (STN)

Stansted Airport Limited, Enterprise House, Bassingbourn Road, Essex, United Kingdom, London
Phone: +440-844-3351803

Ülemiste airport (TLL)

Lennujaama tee 2, 11101 Tallinn, ESTONIA, Tallin
Phone: +372-605-8888, Email:

Vrazhdebna (SOF)

Bulgaria; 1540 Sofia; Sofia Airport, Sofija
Phone: +359-2-9372211

Zaventem (BRU)

De Kleetlaan 14, 1831 Machelen, Belgium, Brussels
Phone: +32-2-7537753

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