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Meditours Hungary - Cosmetic Dentistry

Address:Kazinczy u. 9
Phone:+36 1 787 5564
Email:info @
Web page:www.meditourshungary...
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Independent dental and plastic surgery agent based in Budapest

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Meditours Hungary, established in 2005 by USA-born, Dr. Randy Simor, is one of the leading medical tourism agencies for plastic and cosmetic surgery, anti-wrinkle laser skin treatment, eye vision correction, health screening and other medical-diagnostic examinations.

With over 15 years of training and working experience in the medical profession in Hungary and more than one hundred patients being treated each year, Dr. Simor and his staff offer you the most comprehensive range of World Class cosmetic beauty and dental treatments available at the most affordable prices.

Our teams of board certified, senior operating surgical and dental physicians work in both private and state-owned clinics and hospitals. Our clinics are hygienic and utilize the most up-to-date technology while medical and nursing staff are available around-the-clock to provide you with highest level of professional aftercare.

Meditours' English speaking staff and inside working understanding of the local medical system and treatments offered, guarantees our patients to receive the most comprehensive, clear understanding of all aspects of their treatments and travel from A-to-Z - including the treatments themselves, doctors, prices, risks, stay times, travel & accommodations, tourist information etc.

From the moment you arrive in Hungary up to the point of your departure, you will be escorted and cared for by us throughout every aspect of your treatment and recovery.

Meditours Hungary is a one-step solution to organizing all your cosmetic and dental treatments abroad.





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Meditours Hungary - Cosmetic Dentistry

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