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Smilistic® Dental Care

Address:14 Király stree
Phone:+36 30 333 8888
Web page:www.cheapdentalcare....
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Complete dental makeover including crowns, bridges, veneers, implants at affordable price. Travel to Budapest (Hungary) and save up to 70% on dental care.

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Introducing Smilistic® Dental Care Budapest, Hungary

In 2011 we are changing our name from to Smilistic®.

The reasons behind the change are very straightforward. Smilistic® is shorter and helps differentiation from other websites about dental tourism and dental care in general (e.g., Budapest Dental Care -

This changing is important because it helps increase the traffic to our website, which now stands at over 700 people per month, up from 300 at the start of the last year.

We really want these visitors to remember the name of "that useful website providing affordable dental care" so they can come back and use us again in the future, helping us to cement a solid user base over time.

Once our visitors can remember our name then they can also recommend us to their friends, and that means even more traffic. With shorter and specific name there should also be no confusion over the website, maximising the effect of mouth recommendations.

In the two years since launched in 2009 we have made progress towards providing comprehensive information about dental care and dental travel.

What the meaning of Smilistic® is?

In three words: Your fantastic smile

Smilistic® is a registered trademark of Kft. All rights reserved.





Kosmodentas, UAB

Dentistry in Vilnius, Dental Clinic in Vilnius. Erfurto Str. 12 - 18, Vilnius
Phone: +370-5-2440544, Mobile: +370-652-10115, Email:

Dantis, AB

Dental Clinic in Vilnius Vilniaus Str. 25, Vilnius
Phone: +370-5-2618281, Email:

Europa dental clinic

Modern, state-of-the-art dental clinic in Budapest Fo Utca 52 1/3, Budapest
Phone: +36 30 245 4731, Email:

Fama Bona, UAB

Dental clinic in Kaunas and dental clinic in Vilnius Islandijos pl. 173, Kaunas
Mobile: +370-614-08500, Email:

Fedasz Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic in Budapest Szent János Str. 3, Budapest
Phone: +36-26-332-250, Email:

Kreativ Dental

The most advanced purpose built Dental Clinic in Europe Vezér utca 100, Budapest
Phone: + 36 1 22 201 99, Email:

Meditours Hungary - Cosmetic Dentistry

Independent dental and plastic surgery agent based in Budapest Kazinczy u. 9, Budapest
Phone: +36 1 787 5564, Email:

Ovidenta, dental clinic

Dental Clinic in Vilnius Savanoriu pr. 4, Vilnius
Phone: +370-5-2136327, +370-5-2136427, Mobile: +370-686-22760, Email:

Sanco Dental

One of the best dental clinics in Budapest 3-7 Tas Vezér, Budapest
Phone: +36 1 889 5762, Email:

Smilistic® Dental Care

Complete dental makeover including crowns, bridges, veneers, implants at affordable price. Travel to Budapest (Hungary) and save up to 70% on dental care. 14 Király stree, Budapest
Phone: +36 30 333 8888

Wolf Dent

Wolfdent Dental Practice aims to provide high quality treatment with kindness, courtesy and patience in a friendly environment in Budapest. Kádár str 6 , Budapest
Phone: +36 20 2997802, Email:

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