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Fedasz Dental Clinic

Address:Szent János Str. 3
Email:info @
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Dental Clinic in Budapest

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The Fedasz Dental Surgery Budapest is equipped with the highest technology including:
dental implant surgery system
comfortable multifunctional chairs
fiber-optic instruments
soft laser for the healing of the 'mucous membrane'
panoramic X-ray
conscious sedation equipment
This helps our dentists and specialists in their work, and gives a comfort level and satisfaction to our patients.

Fedasz Dental belongs to those few private dental clinics in Budapest that has its own on-site dental laboratory. The dental technician team enjoys working with the most Up-To-Date equipment, machines and technology, which allows us to start and finish all types of dental artwork, sometimes in less than a week!

Normally our deadlines for all types of cosmetic dentistry are of one week. In November of 1995, our dental laboratory was awarded with the "I.W.C. Laboratory" certification of the German BEGO company.

Traveling abroad for cosmetic dentistry is a pretty tough decision to make, not only because of the fear of dentists, a foreign country and language barrier, but also the headache booking your accommodation. Fedasz Dental offers not only high quality cosmetic dentistry, but also cheap ON-SITE accommodation and FREE airport - hotel - clinic transfers for all patients, for their comfort and safety.

The accommodation is in luxurious apartments on-site with the dental clinic. To make your stay more pleasant we help to arrange activities for your free time.

We offer following treatments:

ultrasonic cleaning and scaling healing of oscular and palate diseases
dentistry for children and young mothers
orthodontia for children and adults
"invisible" orthodontia
aesthetic prosthesis
crown and bridgework
closing of furrows
cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry
tooth jewellery
cosmetic/aesthetic palate corrections
surgical dentistry
tooth implantation
dental treatments with conscious sedation
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Public transport access
Wheelchair accessible toilet
Disabled parking
Patient bathroom
Wireless access

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Private Insurance

Private Patients Welcome
Dental Plans Accepted


ÁNTSZ - The Hungarian National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (Hungary)
ISO Certification - International Organization for Standardization (International)
TÜV Certification - Technical Inspection Association (International)




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