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Strawberry mania

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Strawberry mania
2010-12-07 16:55

Dissolve the strawberry jelly, mix everything, pour into the form and put in the fridge for freezing.  

Dissolve the jelly: firstly, take a bowl, put the jelly, then pour cooled boiled water and leave for 40 minutes, then keeping the bowl over little heat mix the jelly till it totally melts.

Leave to cool.

Strawberry mania

Then take 1 ¾ pint pickled milk (watery, fater yogurt), stir with caster sugar, pour the jelly and mix everything very carefully.

Put strawberries to the form where was the jelly, and pour stirred pickled milk.

Place in the fridge for freezing.

Decorate with mint leaves. Enjoy!

Recipe of Galina Jagello

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Strawberry mania
Strawberry mania

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