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Salmon with avocado pears

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Salmon with avocado pears
2010-12-07 16:42


It takes only 30 min. to cook and serve a satisfying and healthy meal

4x 6 oz salmon schnitzels

Salt, black pepper

4 tarragon twigs

4 slices of green lemon

Avocado's sauce:

2 avocado pears without husk and stones

2/3 cup yogurt

 Grated husk and juice of 1 green lemon

Salt, black pepper

Grease 4 big sheets of foil with rendered down butter. Every salmon schnitzel has to be placed on the different sheet of foil, salted and peppered. Put the tarragon twig and slice of green lemon on the schnitzel, roll in a foil. Place in the baking tray and bake at 150º degrees for 25 min.

While salmon is baking, put the flesh of one avocado with the yogurt, husk and juice into a blender. Salt and pepper it and mix it till it gets puree. Pour the puree into a bowl. Cut the other avocado into small pieces and put them in the sauce.

Take the salmon out from the foil, place it in the heated plates and serve with the sauce.



Recipe and photo of Sandra Sakavičiūtė

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Salmon with avocado pears
Salmon with avocado pears

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