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February: Trotter Horse-racing on the Lake of Sartai.

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February: Trotter Horse-racing on the Lake of Sartai.
2011-02-06 18:57

 20010 02 06!

Dusetos becomes a temporal capital of Lithuania in a day of Sartai Horse-racing. Dozens of thousands of the spectators come to admire a fight of the trotters. Undoubtedly, such an old event is wreathed with a wealth of the legends - about a start of the racing, when a cottar with a lord competed for a beautiful girl, and with more simple versions. However, it is obvious, that the citizens of Dusetos used to celebrate the feast day and organize the horse-racing on Candlemas.

You can not only bet for the horses, but also have a lot of fun in the feast. There are foods and drinks, live music is being played.

Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot enjoy this feast because of a warmer summer - there were no  horse-racing in 2008.



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