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May, first Saturday Street Musician Day

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May, first Saturday Street Musician Day
2011-05-07 19:55


It would be so great to repeat a feast, which last year delighted everyone so much. And if the other cities of Lithuania join Vilnius, then this joy will be overwhelming.  Every first Saturday of May everybody who has any musical instrument and can obtain a sound or noise with it, goes out to the streets of a city and plays. Everybody can participate. An age of the musicians, style of music, a public status, professionality or other subjective factors does not matter. The only thing which is important - to fill our city with the sounds of music and to become a part of the playing city. There is no doubt - everything, what passers-by will drop into your hat will belong to you. Street Musician Day is a feast, which we can give as a present to ourselves without any initiatives "from the top".

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