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May 20 Kaunas city birthday feast “Kaunas days”

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May 20 Kaunas city birthday feast “Kaunas days”
2009-05-20 19:53


Kaunas city feast on the 20th of May was chosen because of the important event in 1463, when Casmir Jagiellon resumed and extended the privileges of the city. The oldest known Kaunas privilege original is held in Saint Petersburg archives, a copy of this original - in Kaunas city hall. The main events of the feast are performed in the streets and the squares of an old city on about the 20th of May. Some works, which has an historical remaining value, is being created for the feast annually: antology of the poems about Kaunas city, a symbol of Kaunas city - "Kaunutis", the coin of Tauras. Every year the city vernal revives, citizens and city guests crowds to the folk artists fairs, concerts, which reveals the achievements of the professional also the mass amateur art representatives and represents the artistical life of Kaunas.

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