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July - August Christopher Summer Festival

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July - August Christopher Summer Festival
2009-07-02 19:41


In 2000, when the festival was just in a very beginning, the director of St. Christopher chamber orchestra Donatas Katkus (also an initiative of this festival) was frightened, that nobody ever organizes cultural events on summer. Howerer, in the course of time Christopher summer festival became one of the most popular Vilnius culture events. The festival became the event of musical gourmands because of its universality and attraction of the professional performers. Even the director of the festival could hardly name the genre of this event. Festival audience is introduced to classic chamber works, Slavic orthodoxy chorals, jazz, gipsy swing, flamenco and salsa, plainsongs and everything else, which is impossible to categorize. Every concert is a cognition of something new, acquaintance not only with the music, but also with the new countries.

At the same time, the festival is a perfect place for the young talents come to public, this feature of the festival is always highlighted by its director Donatas Katkus.

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