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August Festival“Rock nights”

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August Festival“Rock nights”
2009-08-07 20:19

The first festival "Rock nights" was organized in 2003 in Plateliai. At the very beginning it became a rock culture event of an international level - a festival for the rock music followers from East and Middle Europe. About 4-5 thousands of rock, rock-n-roll music lovers from Lithuania and other countries come to "Rock nights" festival annually. The festival changed its location since 2008, because the crowd of the audience was too big for the coast of Plateliai lake. From that time, the festival is organized in the island of Zarasai lake (Zarasai).  

"Rock nights" festival participants:

2008 - PARADICE LOST (UK), VOLBEAT (Denmark), BLOODPIT (Finland), HYBRID CHILDREN (Finland), VIOLENT DIVINE (Sveden), BIX (Lithuania), ROJAUS TŪZAI (Lithuania), BIPLAN (Lithuania), SBS (Lithuania), KATEDRA (Lithuania), ŽALVARINIS Lithuania), AC/DC TRIBUTE.LT (Lithuania), G-POINT (Latvia), WOZU (Lithuania) ASHTREY (Lithuania), THE BLACK TEA (Latvia), THE TITS (Lithuania), ELINAS (Lithuania/Germany), FLAER (Lithuania), BROKEN HEAD (Lithuania), BESTIJA (Lithuania), TYPOŠYTAKĄ (Lithuania), MOONDUST (Lithuania).

2007 - THE 69EYES (Finland), GRADUSPLIUS (Russia), ZU2 (Greath Britain), BACKFLOW (Latvia), DELIGHT (Poland), THE DOITS (Sveden), DAY ELEVEN (Finland), SIELA (Lithuania), KATEDRA (Lithuania), ROJAUS TŪZAI (Lithuania), WOZU (Lithuania), THUNDERTALE (Lithuania), ASHTREY (Lithuania), ŽALVARINIS (Lithuania), OBTEST (Lithuania), SBS (Lithuania), BIX (Lithuania). 2006 - JOHN LAWTON (from URIAH HEEP) (AEngland), DIAMOND DOGS (Sveden), MILCZENIE OWIEC (Poland), R.A.P. (Latvia), SBS (Lithuania), KATEDRA (Lithuania), BIX (Lithuania), REQUIEM (Lithuania), GOTHAM O.D (Finland), BON JOVI Project (Lithuania), SOUL BROTHERS (Lithuania), RUINATION (Lithuania), XESS (Lithuania), Graveyard (Lithuania), Ashtrey (Lithuania), Anbo (Lithuania), Saprophytes (Lithuania).

2005 - NERVOUS NELLIE (Sveden), EL-VEHICULO (Poland), OPUS PRO & AISHA (Latvia), BIX (Lithuania), KATEDRA (Lithuania), GANG BANG CAFE (Finland), SBS (Lithuania), BRAINERS (Lithuania), MOUNTAINSIDE (Lithuania), SUPER SLINKY (Estonia), KISS projektas (Lithuania), THUNDERTALE (Lithuania), XESS (Lithuania), SHADOWDANCES (Lithuania), ŽALVARINIS (Lithuania).

2004 - WATERDOG (Sveden), PODNEK & FRIENDS (Estonia), CZTERYSZMERY (Poland), QUEEN project (V. Kovaliovas, Č. Gabalis, P. Meškėla) (Lithuania), BIX (Lithuania), AC/DC project (Lithuania), DREAM CATCHER (Lithuania), AGE of STONES (Latvia), TZYCZWARTE (Poland), KATEDRA (Lithuania).

2003 - OPUS PRO (Latvia), POZA CISZA (Poland), NIGHT COME (Poland), GRADUS PLIUS (Russia), BIX (Lithuania), AC/DC project (Lithuania), MERLIN, POVILAS MEŠKĖLA and ROJAUS TŪZAI (Lithuania).


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Festival Rock nights
Festival Rock nights
Festival Rock nights
Festival Rock nights

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