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The Eiffel Tower
2010-11-08 17:14

The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris, which is truly worth a close look and atleast a touch..

The end of 19th century, at that time and nowadays called "technological spring". Global exhibition at Paris was to invite the best inventors of the age to show their unbelievable achievements.



The Eifel Tower
The tower is enlighten by 20 000 light bulbs.

A brilliant engineer Gustav Eiffel introduced to French government his creation, which should, according to him, raise the French flag on the highest building of the world. Within 2 years, 2 month and 2 days the tower was built and arose to 312 meters. Symbolically it is as beginning letter A built on the outset of Mars fields (Champ de Mars).

At the beginning there was a lot of unsatisfied people in Paris because of the construction of this tower, but over time the Eifel Tower has became a favorite overview site and the symbol of Paris.

The tower was planned by 50 designers (5300 blueprints was drawn), it was assembled by 100 of workers, which received help from another 132 worker. It was engineering wonder for that time, which constructional solution are still used in altitudinal buildings.

The weight of the Eiffel tower is 10100 tons, 7300 tons of steel was used to build the tower. Entirely 60 tons of paint are being used for every repaint.


The Eifel Tower

When sailing Seine the Eiffel tower can be seen.

The tower has three levels with overview sites. First floor is 57 meter height, it can be reached by stairs, second overview site is 115 meters height and the top site is 276 meters height. There are elevators carring up to the sites, which were established together with the tower, while a lot of innovative technical solution were used. During that time the elevators were modernized and changed more than once.

The Eiffel tower is open year-round. It is estimated, that in 2003 in over 114 years  the Eiffel tower has been visited by 200,000 visitors, each year since 2006 the tower has 6 million visitors.



On foot

From 1st of January till 12th of June

9:30 till 23:45 
Last elevator 23:00
(22:30 to the top floor)

9:30 till 18:30 
Last admittance 18:00

From 13th of June till 31th of August

9:00 till 00:45 
Last elevator 00:00
(22:00 to the top floor)

9:00 till 00:45
Last admittance 00:00

From 1st of September till  31th of December

9:30 till 23:45 
Last elevator 23:00
(22:30 to the top floor)

9:30 till 18:30 
Last admittance 18:00


Depending on the season, age, group elevator to the second floor costs 4 - 8 Euro, elevator to the top floor 7,5 - 13 Euro, on foot to the second floor 3 - 4,5 Euro.

At the top floor there is a restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel, wherein dinner cost about 70 Euro, at the second floor there is restaurant Jules Verne. During the night the Eiffel tower is enlighten and looks perfectly from any place of Paris. Enlighten by 20 000 light bulbs.

The Eiffel tower can be traveled to with sightseeing bus, on foot or RER Champ de Mars - Tour Eiffel.


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The Eifel Tower
The Eifel Tower
The Eifel Tower
The Eifel Tower

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