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Kaunas State Musical Theatre

Address:Laisves al. 91
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Kaunas State Musical Theatre is a national budgetary institution committed to organizing the creation of scenic works for musical theatre and assuring their public performance.


Kaunas State Musical Theater, Theater in Kaunas

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Kaunas State Musical Theater was established on 27th November, 1940. In the first decade the repertoire mostly consisted of operettas by classic and soviet composers. When Opera and Ballet Theater moved to Vilnius in 1948, the troupe together with the drama troupe settled in the City Garden House.
The strengthening operetta troupe decided to foster opera and ballet traditions, which were just emerging in Kaunas. The first ballet performance was premiered in 1948 and in 1951 G.Verdi’s opera “Rigoletto” was staged. Along with the most famous operettas and musical comedies, Kaunas Musical Theater staged many pieces of various genres composed by Lithuanian composers. With its best performances the theatre toured to Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.
After the independence of Lithuania was re-established in 1990, the Theater remained true to its long time tradition to stage shows of all genres of musical scene – operas (G.Verdi, L.Beethoven, G.Donizetti, Ch.Gounod, F.Flotow, U.Giordano), operettas (J.Strauss, F.Lehar, I.Kalman, P.Abraham, J.Offenbach, K.Millöcker), musicals (F.Loewe, L.Bernstein, R.Rodgers, J.Cander), ballets, dance performances and plays for children. A considerable number of performances was staged by the director G.Žilys (since 1991), theater Chief conductor Julius Geniušas (since 1990) and stage designers J.Malinauskaitë and  V.Idzelytë. The soloist troupe has been joined by many young and talented singers. Many plays are staged by well known Lithuanian directors, stage designers and choreographers. Soloists from Vilnius National Opera and Ballet Theatre are also invited to sing in the repertoire plays.
In 1996 and 1997 Kaunas Musical Theater worked with Lithuanian Opera of Chicago and together staged operas “Jûratė and Kastytis” by K.V.Banaitis and “Martha” by F.Flotow. The unique Lithuanian-American cultural organization – the Lithuanian Opera of Chicago marked the 40th Anniversary of its activity by staging opera of emigrant Lithuanian composer K.V.Banaitis and concerts.
The search for new ideas and experience is helped by cooperation with foreign artists – Austrians, Germans, Hungarians, Poles, and Estonians. Foreign directors, decorators, and choreographers helped to stage plays of different genres. The troupe is proud of its artists, who are winners of international contests – S.Martinaitytė, N.Vilkanauskaitė, L.Pautienius, R.Vaicekauskaitė, L.Mikalauskas. The prominent Lithuanian theater award “Kristoforas” for the Part of the Year was awarded to: D.Dirginčiûtė (1997), G.Maciulevičius (1999), V.Sagaitytė (2000), L.Pautienius (2001), Lithuanian Ministry of Culture awarded S.Martinaitytė for the Opera Part of the Year and A.Cicënaitė (2002) – for the Operetta Part of the Year. In 2004, L.Pautienius was awarded the Gold Cross for the best Operetta Part of the Year and in 2007 this aword has taken R.Vaicekauskaitė.
Theater troupe participates actively in the cultural life of Kaunas. Artists prepare collective and solo concert programs both in Lithuania and abroad. Singers and conductors participate in the events of the Kaunas Pažaislis Summer Festival. Singers S.Martinaitytė, R.Preikšaitė, L.Mikalauskas, G.Prunskus are well known for their thematic concert series. Symphony Orchestra of the Theater prepares instrumental concerts, in which many famous Lithuanian artists take part.
Theater soloists G.Maciulevičius, D.Vėbra, and B.Želvys have established “The Baritone Trio” and became active promoters of the light scene musical genres – operetta and musical. Eight years ago they launched the first international Operetta Festival in Kaunas Castle, which wins great critical and public acclaim every year.
The theatre has had many national productions - Z.Bružaitė‘s small opera-parody for children “War and Peace of Mushrooms“ (2001) and "The Weding of Spider" (2007), T.Kutavičius opera for children "The Litle Longnose" (2004), G.Kuprevičius‘ “Bona-the Queen“ (2002) and Kaunas operetta "Kipras and Fiodoras" (2003), which drew tremendous admiration of both the public and the reviewers. This so-called Kaunas operetta narrates the story of Kaunas artistic elite‘s life during the period of World War I and World War II.
In 2003 the repertoire was supplemented new performance of modern dance - “Love Affair in Three Minutes. Opera lovers and young adults can enjoy "Romeo et Juliette" by Ch.Gounod and G.Gladkov‘s musical “The Bremen Town Musicians“ (2004).
The season of 2004 was adorned by the most popular musical of all times – “Cabaret“ by J.Cander, F. Ebb, and J.Mastroff (music director P.Geniušas, stage director A.Giniotis, conductor J.Geniušas, choreographer A.Kurienius, stage designer L.Luišaitytë, costume designer V.Masteikienė). Other interesting musical "Kiss me Kate" was staged in 2007.
During the season the theatre company usually offers about 230 current performances and 3-4 opening nights. Kaunas State Musical Theatre is proud to have the most numerous audiences in Lithuania.
The Theater is headed by the General Manager Benjaminas Želvys (since 2005), Theatre Art Director Gintas Žilys, Theater Chief Conductor Julius Geniušas (since 1990).




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