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The Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre: A Historical Overview.

The Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre is often considered the pride of the country. In its work, it demonstrates quality, excellent technique, dedication and high-class professionalism of performances...

National Philharmonic Society of Lithuania

National Philharmonic Society of Lithuania

National Philharmonic Society of Lithuania is the biggest concert agency in Lithuania, which was granted the status of national cultural institution in July 1998. LNPh organises symphonic and chamber music concerts in Lithuania and abroad, concerts dedicated to various composers, solo recitals, concert series, featuring Lithuanian and international collectives and performers, and devotes major attention to the national repertoire.

Meno Fortas – A Theatre of A Genius

Non-for profit organization "Meno Fortas" was established on January 1998. One the theatre studio owners – theatre director Eimuntas Nekrošius. Main activity of "Meno Fortas" – creation and presentation of the performances of Eimuntas Nekrošius in Lithuania and abroad.

Oskaras Korsunovas` Theatre

It is a provoking theatre, which bravely uses the contemporary stage language to reveal the sore social and private problems, drastically trying to wake up the spectator from the drowse and thus shock him/her

The Lithuanian National Drama Theatre

The Lithuanian national drama theatre was founded in 1 9 4 0. Today the repertoire of the theatre consists of the classical dramaturgy of the world and the works of the modern dramatists of the 20th century.

Theatre "Lele": the Theatre where Puppets Rule

"Lele" is a Lithuanian word for a puppet or a doll. "Lele" - a puppet theatre in Vilnius, founded in 1958 - is one of the three professional puppet theatres in Lithuania. Beside puppet and shadow theatre shows, there are performances where puppets act on the stage together with actors

Culture and art in Lithuania

Culture, science, research and teaching shall be unrestricted. The State shall support culture and science, and shall be concerned with the protection of Lithuanian history, art, and other cultural monuments and valuables.



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9 Meno dienos (9 art days)

Lietuvininku Str. 6, Šilutė
Phone: (441) 52 953

Aitvaras (Brownie), puppet-show theatre

S. Dariaus ir S. Gireno Str. 10, Alytus
Phone: (315) 25 737

Alytus town theatre

Rotushes Sq. 2, Alytus
Phone: (315) 51 709

Aushra (dawn), children and youth theatre

Shauliu Str. 14, Klaipėda
Phone: (46) 41 09 60

Azhuolyno meshkuchiai (Azhuolynas bears), theatre

A. Juozapavichiaus Ave. 25a, Kaunas
Phone: (37) 34 13 54

Bendraamzhiai (coevals), children and youth theatr

Zhemaichiu Str. 14, Joniškis
Phone: (426) 52 197

Berniukas zhirniukas (Tom Thumb), puppet-show thea

Gedimino Ave. 51, Vilnius
Phone: (5) 24 96 454

Children music theatre-workshop

Parko Str. 13-1a, Vilnius
Phone: (5) 2671703

Didysis Vilnius theatre

Verkiu Str. 29, 14th building, Vilnius
Phone: (5) 27 37 078

Du kaukiai (Two goblins)

V. Druskio Str. 1-191, Vilnius
Phone: (5) 24 53 042

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