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Kreativ Dental

Address: Vezér utca 100
Phone:+ 36 1 22 201 99
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The most advanced purpose built Dental Clinic in Europe

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Kreativ Dental is the most advanced cosmetic dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care and service in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere while working within your budget and schedule. Whether it's a single crown, a tooth implant or a full mouth restoration, we provide a service that is unsurpassed. Our goal is to achieve a natural result with gentle, pain free dentistry.

Established in 1996, Kreativ were the first dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary to offer advanced cosmetic dentistry to Irish and European patients. The Kreativ Dental Clinic can be credited with creating dental tourism in Europe and we are still the undisputed leaders in this field. More than 400 patients visit our clinic every month, many travelling more than 5,000 miles to avail of our expertise. We have earned a reputation for providing high quality dental treatment in a caring environment and we are committed to maintaining that reputation.

The clinic is probably the most technologically advanced dental facility in Eurpoe. The building is 1650 sqm. consisting of a 4 story dental clinic with 8 treatment rooms, 10 dentists, an onsite laboratory with 17 technicians, training facility, 2 private consultation rooms, skycafe, on-site gym and sauna for staff and free internet access for all. We employ a specialist endodontist, periodontist and oral surgeon and when required, an anaesthetist.

Each treatment room is furnished with the very latest equipment to maximise patient comfort. By using only the best technology available, we allow our dentists and technicians to prodce consistently high results for our patients. All our equipment and materials are selected from the best, most highly reputable brands and international suppliers - mainly from Germany and Swedan. We only use implants from the highly respected Nobel Biocare company - Branemark and Alpha Bio implants.

While waiting, our patients can relax in one of our Norwegian designed "Stokke Peel" reclining chairs and view our indoor tropical ocean aquarium. Each reclining chair has its own radio point complete with headphones and a choice of 4 different music channels as well as RTE 1 radio to help patients relax before their appointment. After the appointment most patients visit our Sky cafe and avail of the free WiFi and free Internet access, relax on the terrace with outdoor seating, and chat with other patients. Each new patient receives a complimentary beverage in our Sky Café.

In addition to the high-tech features and amenities designed for our patients' comfort, the building itself is designed with sustainability and high building performance in mind.

The building has a geothermal heat exchange unit for heating and cooling. The large windows on the south side of the building allow the sun to warm the building in the wintertime, but the wide overhangs will prevent the sun from overheating the building in the summertime. Insulated solar shadescan also block the sunlight when necessary.

Kreativ Dental has the ambition to be ranked as the world's leading dental clinic and to this end we continually invest in the latest dental technologies as they emerge. Our dentists and dental technicians must always keep themselves updated with the latest advancements as they arise. In our in-house training facility, we provide on-going training for all our dentists and dental technicians to ensure excellence and continued development. Our master ceramicist, Janos Rendetzky is one of the few demonstrators accredited in Europe by the German company Vitadent which produces the highest quality dental porcelain in the world. Janos regularly holds training courses for dental technicians throught Hungary wishing to develop their laboratory skills.

The Kreativ Dental team offer a full range of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments including metal free porcelain crowns, zirconuim crowns, bridgework, tooth veneers, dental implants, root canal treatment, sinus lifting, artificial bone replacement, periodontal disease treatment, wisdom teeth removal, tooth whitening, white fillings, tooth grinding treatment and more.

The cost of dental treatment at our clinic in Hungary is a fraction of Irish prices. If you are considering travelling abroad for dental implant treatment and are looking for an experienced dentist or oral surgeon in Budapest, Hungary, an expert in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, you have come to the right place. Now thats something to smile about.



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