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Existance on the catwalk only
2006-11-13 16:17

Coarse seams, torn out sleeves, holey pockets. No, those are not some tramp’s rags. This is an avant-guard fashion. Silk and steel. Corsets, collars, tulle raincoats and fur underwear. It’s hard to concoct something that hasn’t been concocted by the fashion industry. Especially this trend that during its’ youth period (we’re still doing it today) has been wrapping around our bodies newspapers, kapron tights, insulating tape and other unsuitable things. Sometimes avant-guard has devilish resemblance to couture’s unpracticality. Truth to tell we meet such phenomenas quiet rarely in the clothing stores and thank God it is so. Instead of a shirt – a pair of wide ties, covering the chest; instead of a skirt – scrap of plush, - who knows, what company will agree to name all this a working suit... Doesn‘t matter how famous designer‘s label is. Doesn‘t matter how imposing are the models demonstrating these knickknacks on the catwalk.

Someone said that fashion is a constantly constructed and destructed wall between haut and middle monde. Sometimes it’s better to pass it around, because of its’ instability. Our world is spinning more and more rapidly and every wall must either become more flexible or fall down. If we’re lucky, then its’ remainders won’t affect us. If not - we’ll just hide in the wardrobe…


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