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Juros (seafood)

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Seafood in Vilnius


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Would you like to eat delicious food and live long? If your answer is "yes" you need to make fresh seafood a part of your daily diet! It is easy to digest and rich in proteins, not to mention the variety of minerals it contains.

In Lithuania seafood is considered to be a delicacy and eaten when feeling like eating something exceptional. It looks great when prepared and is comprised of products that are easy to combine and serve as a luxurious and elegant dish.

You can purchase a reasonably wide variety of seafood in your local supermarket, but how can you be sure that the products will be fresh? Especially when talking about seafood, which has an extremely short shelf life? Don't forget, in order to experience full pleasure and benefit of eating quality seafood, it has to be really fresh.

That is why we only offer fresh seafood straight from the famous French Rungis food market, the one and only market of this sort in Europe.

We guarantee that our seafood will be as fresh as it gets! Caught in the Atlantic Ocean every Tuesday and delivered to your home, office or other preferred location on the following Thursday!




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