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Where to stay in Vilnius
2011-12-16 00:00

Company:Kamava, UAB
Address:Bernardinų str. 7
Email:vilnius @
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LITiNTERP Vilnius Guest House is situated in the center of the Old Town in quiet Bernadinu Street, only a few minutes away from Cathedral Square and the Church of Saint Ann.

The cosy rooms of the Guest House are set in a period building. The walls of the house are decorated with authentic 18th century bricks  and with original pictures of the Old Town. Comfortable Lithuanian wooden furniture will make you feel at  home.

4 single, 9 double, 1 triple and 2 triple family rooms are designed and furnished for your comfort. As 2-3 of the rooms can make one separate apartment, it is very suitable  for  families or small groups to stay in our Guest house. Many rooms are equipped with separate bathrooms. Residents of other rooms use shared bathrooms, but a maximum of 3-4 guests share a bathroom. Guests have their own keys with access to their rooms at any time. All rooms are non-smoking. You are always free to discuss your breakfast menu with us.

All apartments are equipped with small kitchens, which can be used by all guests. All kitchens have a fridge, electrical kettle and essential kitchenware. All apartments are also equipped with phones.

We can also meet you at the airport for a small fee, to offer few parking places in the closed backyard of the Guest House at night; and if you don't have a car - we will help you to rent one.

Our staff do their best to make you feel at home!


Working hours:

On weekdays Reception is opened from 8.30 till 21.00

On Saturdays Reception is opened from 9.00 till 15.00

On Sundays upon request.

(If you are planning to arrive outside our working hours, please inform us beforehand)

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