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The islet of the calm in Vilnius center

Flamingos do not live by the River Neris but the Flamingo Hotel situated by the river can bring you if not to the subtropics then to the world of greenness and live music. The hotel is located not far from the main Gediminas Street and the Vingis Park in a prestigious Žvėrynas district.

There is a convenient and spacious parking area nearby the hotel. The Flamingo Hotel offers 10 double and twin business class rooms each equipped with satellite TV, refrigerator, table, mini-bar and heated bathroom floor. In the bathroom you can use a hairdryer, bidet. Fax line and Internet access is also available.

The wooden finish, wicker furniture and natural trees growing in the hotel`s winter garden make it cosy and pleasant. Golden fish in the little pond, parrots chirping in the trees give the possibility to enjoy the beauties of nature. The Flamingo Restaurant is also right here by the hotel. You can admire a nice fireplace and try the meals prepared by the Caucasian cook. There are lots of tasty dishes to choose from, such as chicken kebab, Caspian sturgeon, trout in its sauce, lamb kebab, chicken tabacca…

The restaurant is attractive for friendly atmosphere, helpful waiters, delicious food and good music of different styles, so politicians, actors, business people come to like it too. The restaurant is open from 11 in the morning till 11 in the evening. This is the only restaurant in the town with live music long before- over 4 years. Besides, it is a perfect place for celebrating weddings, birthdays or just it will organize you an interesting show for a party. The music is played in different languages – Lithuanian, Russian, English, Gipsy and Yiddish. Now Jelena Aleksandrovich sings here every day.

The hotel has its own kitchen, so clients are welcome in here at any time, even at midnight. The hotel gives flexible discounts for the residents of the hotel. You will be hosted by the staff fluent in several foreign languages (Russian and English) and provided by facilities of high quality.




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+370-5-2123395, Vilnius
Phone: +370-5-2123395, Email:

Hotel reservation and Information Centre

Hotel Reservation and information centre is located in the Arrival Hall A of Vilnius International Airport. Depending on client's needs and opportunities we offer different level hotels in Vilnius (starting from two-star hotel and till five-star). We offer hotels in the most popular and strategic places in Vilnius (Old Town, Centre, Central Railway and Bus station, Airport). Hotel reservation is FREE and very quick. Rodunios kelias str. 2, Vilnius
Phone: +370 5 273 90 31, Email:

A. Ambrizo IU

Bazhnychios Str. 4a, Vievis, Elektrenai administration,
Phone: (528) 27 569

Ad Astrum

Sheiminishkiu Str. 21b, Vilnius
Phone: (5) 27 90 588


Pervalkos Str. 15, Neringa
Phone: (699) 09 690


K. Donelaichio Str. 10, Panemune, Pagegiai administration, Pagėgiai
Phone: (441) 42 377


Savanoriu Ave. 226, Kaunas
Phone: (37) 77 15 22

Aitvaras, holiday house

Holiday house in Palanga. J.Biliuno Str. 8, Palanga
Phone: +370-460-51560, Mobile: +370-676-05991, Email:


S. Neries Str. 14, Palanga
Phone: (460) 49 215


Alantos Str. 33, Kaunas
Phone: (37) 73 11 42

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