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Travel, food, entertainment - a new leisure guide will offer you the most interesting propositions. We are navigating to the sea of internet with a project of new format, which has all the possibilities to be a very interesting for the travelers' community.  This portal, published in English has its mother, who provides information in Lithuanian and has its strong positions in Lithuania's market. The bigger part of the first material comes exactly from there. The working authors themselves are unreal fans of travels, loving to find the best in the new places and destinations, not turning away from the well-known routes, which are already accepted by the populace.

The first editor of the portal Sergej Jeriomenko has already traveled to almost all the wild places of Soviet Union, lately he also has looked at most of the European resorts.

Sergejus Jeriomenko

I am waiting for a day, when I will be able to become an ordinary reporter of this portal and travel again looking for the best. My most favorite field is catching food and making it at once in a place. If Montenegro - then an overnight squid fishing and the preparation of them in a closing seaside trattoria, fresh mussel baked in a desert island. Norway is associated not only with the catching of cod, but also free diving and the picking up of scallop and mussel and making of them between the stones on the coast.

We are unique, because in our portal the information centers of various cities, museums and national parks will be able to put the material about their services independently. They know best what the most valuable things they have, they store wonderful pictorial material. The ones, who will provide the most beautiful and most comprehensive information, will emerge in the first pages of and will announce about themselves for the entire world. A huge advantage is, that we clearly divide the fields of interest and in such a way we make the search of information easier.

In the future we would like our publication to become one of the most popular travel guides. This guide is designed for everybody - one can find here some things which are common to visit in the most popular tourist objects, some things which are not well-known, but can leave you an unforgettable impression because of their originality. We will model a team of professional travelers - reviewers, who would be the same fans of travels and entertainment like the team creating the present portal. We would like to attract people to our team not by the high reimbursements, but because of the facts, that the best cuisines will open in front of our reporters, and they will share with a grain of their experience, the closed places of museums and historical monuments will show up for them, the wine makers will let to taste their best wines from their exclusive collections... We will also enter video format. We are planning to invite our most active participators of the portal, who provide reportages, opinions, photographs in the most interesting and comprehensive ways, to become our staff reporters. In such a way the possibility to become a professional reporter will be reachable for anyone of us. collective

The publication obtains from the affiliate programs - we cooperate with the markets of the airplane tickets, travels, hotels reservation and rent-a-car offices. You can feel yourself safe making the bookings through us, we chose a reliable partners, who are able to offer you the best prices. Every reservation of yours will help this portal to progress faster and improve the material.

Sergejus Jeriomenko
Sergejus Jeriomenko collective collective

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Vetra (hotel)

Taikos Str. 80a, Klaipėda
Phone: (46) 34 80 02, Email:

Airport Hotel Bonus Inn

Relaxing accommodation between flights or after a long business day Elannontie 9, Vantaa
Phone: +358 9 825 511, Email:

Best Western Airport Hotel Pilotti

comfortable accommodation in a cozy hotel near the airport in Helsinki Veromäentie 1, Vantaa
Phone: +358 9 3294800 , Email:

Best Western Apartments Levi Snow White Levin Klubi

Family accommodation in apartment with kitchen in Levi Ski Resort Golfväylä 7, Levi
Phone: +358 207 630 820, Email:

Best Western Hotel Apollo

Budget hotel in the center of Oulu, low price hotel in the main street Asemakatu 31-33, Oulu
Phone: +3588-52211, +3588-372 060, Email:

Best Western Hotel Seaport

Convenient and comfortable hotel beside the ferry terminals in Turku Toinen Poikkikatu 2, Turku
Phone: +358 2 283 3000 , Email:

Best Western Premier Hotel Katajanokka

Magnificent and luxury hotel in Helsinki centre city Merikasarminkatu 1a, Helsinki
Phone: + 358 9 686 450, + 358 9 686 451 32, Email:

Centro Hotel Turku

Cheap accommodation in Turku, low price hotel Yliopistonkatu 12 A, Turku
Phone: +358 2 211 81 00 , Email:

City Hotel

Affordable and comfortable hotel in the center of Rovaniemi Pekankatu 9, Rovaniemi
Phone: +358 16 33 00 111, Email:

Clarion Hotel Santa Claus

For the family vacation comfortable Scandinavian style hotel in Rovaniemi Korkalonkatu 29, Rovaniemi
Phone: +358 16 321 321, +358 16 321 3227, Email:

Conference Hotel Rantapuisto

Business hotel for conference and events in Helsinki Ramsinniementie 14, Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 31911, Email:

Crowne Plaza Helsinki

First-class facilities and personalised service for leisure and business travelers Mannerheimintie 50, Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 2521 0000, Email:

Cumulus Airport

Discount hotel near Helsinki-Vantaa airport, hotel with airport shuttle bus Robert Huberin Tie 6, Vantaa,
Phone: +358 9 4157 5100, Email:

Cumulus Koskikatu

Comfortable and charming hotel for families with children in Tampere Koskikatu 5, Tampere
Phone: +358-3 242 4111, Email:

Cumulus Lappeenranta

Comfortable hotel with pool and Bath Complex in Lappeenranta Valtakatu 31, Lapeenranta
Phone: + 358-5 677 811, Email:

Cumulus Oulu

Cosy hotel for a pleasant business or leisure visit in Oulu Kajaaninkatu 17, Oulu
Phone: :+358 8 882 7111, Email:

Cumulus Pinja

Nouveau style hotel in Tampere, inexpensive hotel in the main street Satakunnankatu 10, Tampere
Phone: +358 3 241 5111, Email:

Cumulus Rovaniemi

Luxurious business hotel in Rovaniemi with traditional Lappish restaurant Valtakatu 23, Rovaniemi
Phone: +358 16 333 600, Email:

Cumulus Turku

Budget hotel in the main shopping street of Turku Eerikinkatu 30, Turku
Phone: +358 2 2181 000, Email:

Dream Hostel Tampere

Budget hotel in the centre of Tampere, Hostel in the centre Akerlundinkatu 2 A, Tampere

Forenom Apartments Tampere

Apartments with kitchen in Tampere, cheap accommodation Satakunnankatu 7, Tampere
Phone: +358-9 4250050, Email:

Hellsten Espoo

Discount hotel in Espoo, cheap hotels near Train Station Porarinkatu 3, Espoo
Phone: +358 9 511 05233, Email:

Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa hotel

Modern and comfortable hotel for rest and conferences in Helsinki Kalastajatorpantie 1, Helsinki
Phone: +358-9-45811

Hilton Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Luxury and comfortable hotel in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Lentäjänkuja 1, Vantaa
Phone: +358-9-73220 , Email:

Holiday Club Caribia Spa Hotel

Stylish and elegant hotel in Turku with modern spa and baths complex Kongressikuja 1, Turku
Phone: +358 20 1234 902, Email:

Holiday Club Oulun Eden Spa Hotel

Seaside hotel spa for the family vacations in Oulu Holstinsalmentie 29, Oulu
Phone: +358 20 1234 905, Email:

Holiday Club Saariselkä Spa Hotel

Hotel with water park, modern Spa, pools, baths complex in Saariselkä Saariseläntie 7, Saariselka
Phone: +358 20 1234 907, Email:

Holiday Club Tampere Spa Hotel

Excellent hotel in the center of Tampere with SPA and leisure facilities Lapinniemenranta 12, Tampere
Phone: +358 20 1234 903, Email:

Holiday Inn Helsinki City Centre

Perfect facilities for both business and leisure travellers Elielinaukio 5, Helsinki
Phone: +358 20 045 646 , +800 80 800 800 , Email:

Holiday Inn Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Modern airport hotel for transit and short stay in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Rälssitie 2, Vantaa
Phone: +358-9-870900, Email:

Holiday Inn Oulu

Modern and comfortable hotel for rest and conferences in Oulu Kirkkokatu 3, Oulu
Phone: + 358-8-8839111, Email:

Holiday Inn Tampere

First class business hotel in Tampere, high class conferences and events Yliopistonkatu 44, Tampere
Phone: +358-3 245 5111, Email:

Holiday Inn Turku

Topping business hotel in the center of Turku with swimming pools and saunas Eerikinkatu 28, Turku

Hostel Rudolf

Small hostel in Rovaniemi centre for the low budget travellers Koskikatu 41-43, Rovaniemi
Phone: +358 16-321 3227, Email:

Hotel Aada

Discount hotel in Joensuu, cheap hotel in the main shopping street Kauppakatu 32, Joensuu,
Phone: +358 13 256 2200, Email:

Hotel Aakenus

Lapland Vacations family hotel in Rovaniemi, cheap family hotel Koskikatu 47, Rovaniemi
Phone: +358-16 342 2051, Email:

Hotel Artukaisten Paviljonki

High-quality accommodation and good service hotel in Turku Messukentänkatu 11, Turku
Phone: +358 2 284 4000, Email:

Hotel Atrium

Discount hotel in the centre of Joensuu Siltakatu 4, Joensuu,
Phone: +358 13 255 888, Email:

Hotel Finn

Budget hotel in the centre in Helsinki, low price hotel Kalevankatu 3 B, Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 684 4360, Email:

Hotel GLO Espoo Sello

Luxurious and stylish hotel in Espoo Leppävaarankatu 1, Espoo
Phone: +358 10 3444 200, Email:

Hotel GLO Helsinki Airport

Airport hotel located directly in the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Vantaa
Phone: +358 10 344 4600, +358 9 5840 9445, Email:

Hotel GreenStar

Modern and discount hotel in Joensuu, low energy hotel Torikatu 16, Joensuu,
Phone: +358 10 423 939, Email:

Hotel Harriet Turku

Discount hotel in Turku, budget hotel Käsityöläiskatu 11, Turku
Phone: +358 40-910 3333, Email:

Hotel Haven

Small luxury and comfortable hotel in Helsinki Unioninkatu 17, Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 681 930 , Email: SALES@HOTELHAVEN.FI

Hotel Helmi

Petit and private hotel in Turku Tuureporinkatu 11, Turku
Phone: +358 20 786 2770, Email:

Hotel Homeland

Low price hotel in the centre of Tampere offers easy access to culture, shopping and entertainment Kullervonkatu 19, Tampere
Phone: +358 3-312 60200, Email:

Hotel Hullu Poro

Lapland holiday hotel in the centre of Levi ski resort Rakkavaarantie 5, Levi
Phone: +358 16 6510 100 , Email:

Hotel K5 Levi

Luxury ski hotel near the ski slopes in Levi resort Kätkänrannantie 2, Levi
Phone: +358 16 336 3133, +358 16-6391100, Email:

Hotel Karelia

Hotel Karelia budget hotel in the centre of Joensuu Kauppakatu 25, Joensuu,
Phone: + 358-13 2526 200, Email:

Hotel Lasaretti

Cheap accomodation in the centre Oulu Kasarmintie 13, Oulu
Phone: +358 20 757 4700, Email:

Hotel Levi Panorama

Modern ski-in ski-out hotel provides luxurious, comfortable accommodation in Levi Tunturitie 205, Levi
Phone: +358 16 336 3000 , Email:

Hotel Meripuisto

Hotel offers first-class settings for meetings and conferences Tyrskyvuori 4, Espoo
Phone: +358 9 819 251, Email:

Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna

Winter Holiday in Saariselkä village hotel, ski hotel in Lapland Saariseläntie 13, Saariselka
Phone: +358 16 559 4455, Email:

Lapland Hotel Sirkantähti

Ski hotel offers rooms with saunas and traditional Lapland cuisine in popular resort Levintie 1630, Sirkka, Levi
Phone: +358 16 323 500, Email:

Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara

Comfortable accommodation and a variety of additional services in Rovaniemi Juhannuskalliontie, Rovaniemi
Phone: +358 16 323 400, Email:

Lappeenranta Spa

Hotel with SPA wellness centre in Lappeenranta town centre Ainonkatu 17, Lapeenranta
Phone: +358 5 616 7201, Email:

NEXT Hotel Rivoli Jardin

Boutique hotel in Helsinki offers Finnish and French cuisines dishes Kasarmikatu 40, Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 681 500, Email:

Ounasvaaran Pirtit

Arctic town hotel in Rovaniemi, complete ski holiday resort with restaurant services and activities Antinmukka 4, Rovaniemi
Phone: +358 16 333 0100, Email:

Park Hotel

Boutique hotel in Turku, excellent and luxury accommodation in Turku Rauhankatu 1, Turku
Phone: +358 2 273 2555, Email:

Park Hotel Käpylä

Business hotel in Helsinki with SPA wellness centre Pohjolankatu 38, Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 797 211, Email:

Radisson Blu Espoo

Business class hotel in Espoo with SPA wellness centre Otaranta 2, Espoo
Phone: +358 20 1234 700, +358 20 1234 705, Email:

Radisson Blu Oulu

Hotel for Relaxing Vacation in Oulu Hallituskatu 1, Oulu
Phone: +358 20 1234 700, Email:

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

Luxury, modern and comfortable hotel for rest and conferences in Helsinki Mikonkatu 23, Helsinki
Phone: +358 20 1234 700 , Email:

Rantasipi Airport

Low price airport hotel at Aviapolis in Vantaa Robert Huberin Tie 4, Vantaa
Phone: +358 9 4157 7100, Email:

Rantasipi Pohjanhovi

Pretty hotel near the ski slopes, good price and quality ratio Pohjanpuistikko 2, Rovaniemi
Phone: +358 16 33 711, Email:

Saariselkä Tunturi Hotel

Lapland ski hotel, modern hotel offers winter recreation services Lutontie 3, Saariselka
Phone: +358 16 681 501, Email:


Lapland ski hotel with SPA wellness centre, sauna, swimming pool Hiihtomajantie 2, Rovaniemi

Scandic Espoo

Business Hotel in Espoo, Hotel for conference and events Nihtisillantie 1, Espoo
Phone: +358 9 43520, Email:

Scandic Oulu

Nordic style modern hotel in city center of Oulu Saaristonkatu 4, Oulu
Phone: +358 8 543 1000, Email:

Scandic Patria

Good meal and comfortable environment in hotel near Lappeenranta Kauppakatu 21, Lapeenranta
Phone: +358 5 677 511, Email:

Scandic Plaza Turku

Nice hotel in the center of Turku Yliopistonkatu 29, Turku
Phone: +358 2 33 200, Email:

Scandic Rovaniemi

Romantic hotel in Rovaniemi, Lapland vacation hotel Koskikatu 23, Rovaniemi
Phone: +358 16 460 6000, Email:

Scandic Tampere City

Modern and comfortable hotel for rest in Tampere City Hämeenkatu 1, Tampere
Phone: +358 3 244 6111, Email:

Sokos Hotel Arina

Lively and classy hotel in the center of Oulu, with Italian, Spanish and TexMex cuisine restaurants Pakkahuoneenkatu 16, Oulu
Phone: +358 8 3123 111, Email:

Sokos Hotel Kimmel

Romantic hotel with sauna and pool in Joensuu Itäranta 1, Joensuu,
Phone: +358 20 1234 663, Email:

Sokos Hotel Lappee

Romantic hotel with baths complex in Lappeenranta Brahenkatu 1, Lapeenranta
Phone: +358 10 762 1000, Email:

Sokos Hotel Levi

Modern and attractive leisure hotel in Levi Ski Resort Tähtitie 5, Levi
Phone: +358 16 3215 500, Email:

Sokos Hotel Seurahuone Turku

For leisure and business travelers cosy hotel in the heart of Turku Eerikinkatu 23, Turku
Phone: +358 2 337 301 , Email:

Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden

Luxurious hotel surrounded by gardens in Espoo Tapionaukio 3, Espoo
Phone: +358 20 1234 616 , Email:

Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Rovaniemi

Hotel for winter vacations in the center Rovaniemi near the village of Santa Claus Koskikatu 4, Rovaniemi
Phone: +358 20 1234 600, Email:

Sokos Hotel Villa

Boutique hotel in Tampere offers comfortable accommodation and impeccable service Sumeliuksenkatu 14, Tampere
Phone: +358 20 1234 633, Email:

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Travel, food, entertainment - a new leisure guide will offer you the most interesting propositions.