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Lithuanians' world center

Address:Laisves av. 53-103
Phone:(8-37) 32 13 20
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Students who wish to earn some money for their studies or other needs often choose working abroad. But sometimes it happens that they leave without having cleared up all the details, without insurance and having no apprehension about their rights and responsibility. And when they don't get a full salary or work under slavish circumstances, they don't have anyone to complain to. Therefore, it is always better to have your work search confided to the professionals.

Lithuanians' world center for advancement of culture, science and education- LWC- offers the students cultural exchange programs. It is a great opportunity to see foreign countries, legally work there, earn money, get acquainted with foreign traditions, culture and people. LWC's partners in other countries are certified and experienced companies.

The most popular program among Lithuanian students is “Work & Travel USA” You can still sign up until the 30th September. You don't have to leave bail pretending to this program and the register interview is free.You pay the program fee only if you're admitted as candidate. Participants in this program are permitted to work legally in the USA for 4 months and stay up to 30 days more. A great number of students leave, in fact almost 100% of them get visas, though recommendations are not required.

If you don't want to go so far, you can choose Great Britain. It is not difficult to enter this program, but of course everything depends ont whether you register on the last day or in advance. This program is especially recommended for the students who do not complain about their health, because the works are mainly in the agriculture. However, living in the suburbs is advantegous, too: cheap accomodation, safety, possibility to visit various places durin the spare time.

All the mentioned programs are offered to well English speaking students. Those who speak French can choose “Travailler en France”. The chances are really high as there is no limit for participants. You can start the program any time: just fill the application form in advance. The participant gets a permission to work 3 months for the employer he/she chooses. University and college students, even already graduating ones, can be admitted to this program.

LWC offers other programs, too: enrolling into these program you also get an opportunity to study in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Canada etc. Here you will be helped with choosing the right and cheap routes or get airplane tickets without additional tax. You can find LWV representatives in Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai and Klaipėda, therefore it's very convenient for all students.

For further information check LWC website.




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Lithuanians' world center

Laisves av. 53-103, Kaunas
Phone: (8-37) 32 13 20, Email:

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