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Stary Smokovec (The High Tatras, Slovakia)
2010-11-23 12:30


Established in 1793, 990 m above sea level. The town is set around the mineral water springs. It is the administrative centre of the High Tatras. This town is loved by skiing beginners, because here are many (4) easy routes, (2) medium complexity and only one more difficult route. Also here is lighted up 2,5 km sledge's route. The most popular is Hriebenok downhill skiing centre. From here You can ski down through a simple route or raise higher to more difficult ones.  

Koliba in Stary Smokovec

Koliba in Stary Smokovec

The common length of downhill skiing routes - 7 km. There are many entertainments in the town: You have to visit a koliba in the centre of the town. Additional entertainments: close pools, disco, pubs, restaurants. Few tens of kilometres away there are underground caves (we recommend Demjenova cave in the Low Tatras, thermal pools). To reach the other towns (Štrebske Pleso and Tatranska Lomnica) of the High Tatras, You have to go by local train. 

Demjenova cave in the Low Tatras

Demjenova cave in the Low Tatras

 Stary Smokovec Skiing routes

Skiing routes

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Stary Smokovec Skiing routes
Stary Smokovec Skiing routes
Demjenova cave in the Low Tatras
Demjenova cave in the Low Tatras
Koliba in Stary Smokovec
Koliba in Stary Smokovec

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