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Alpine skiing in the Low Tatras: Jasna and Chopok
2010-11-24 14:11


The Low Tatras is close to the High Tatras and available to reach going through the excellent road from Poprad. The highest tops up to 2000 m. The Low Tatras may be named as skiing resort of aristocrats. The main difference between The Low and High Tatras is the time spending not in the town, but in hotels. Hotels of the higher class are more often established in the separate area, close to skiing routes and have their own entertainment complexes: pools, restaurants, pubs.

The most popular resort Jasna is established in Demanova valley. The resort is treated as the best one and has got a category of 5 stars. It is equipted with 22 mountains lifts, the common lenght of routes is 57 km, 5 of which are difficult, 10 of medium complication and 7 easy. A part of routes are lighted up, there are routes for snowboarders, and sledge routes. The modern gear produce snow and surface routes even when the temperature is not sufficient.  

Additionally it is worth to visit Demanova caves and Bešenova thermal pools.

Downhill skiing routes

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Low Tatras downhill skiing routes
Low Tatras downhill skiing routes

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