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Slovakia: koliba
2010-12-02 11:46

Local national cookshop is named koliba in Slovakia. There is a big hall with long tables in typical koliba, in he middle - open fireplace, where steaks are charbroiled. In real koliba You can listen to gipsy live music in evenings.  It is possible to ask for a favourite melody - time in koliba with friends and company never prolongs, because here You can dance and sing all evening. There are not bored in koliba.

It is worth to book a pungent beef steak and, additionally, You should ask for an excellent Slovak or Czech beer. However, if You have booked a pungent steak, thirstiness will be killed only with wine. Specific drink which we recommend to taste - Tatranskij Čaj. It is 55 degrees alcoholic drink, kept with various herbs.  Traditionally, it is mixed with tea. This drink is loved by chilled travelers in order to recreate after climbing to the mountains. In koliba Tatranskij Čaj is brought on the separate tray, shooting from a pistol and the liquid surface, being in the cup is fired.  

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Koliba in Stary Smokovec
Koliba in Stary Smokovec

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