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Sliač Airport (SLD)

Location:Banská Bystrica
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Sliac Airport near Banska Bystrica, in centre of Slovakia

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The international airport Sliac, historically also known as "Three oaks", is situated in an ideal location in the centre of Slovakia - right between two metropolitan centres of the region, Zvolen and Banská Bystrica. The airport is an integral part of the region's traffic infrastructure.
Its history dates back before The Second World War, with regular passenger's flights starting in 1947. In 1991, the airport was awarded the status "international". This means that the region of central Slovakia directly connects abroad enabling both the region and the airport to grow and develop.
Based on technical parameters and equipment, the airport belongs to the Category 4D, according to ICAO ANNEX 14. This means it is capable of handling almost all types of civilian aircrafts. The airport is equipped for precision approach according to ICAO CAT I, which enables operation at night and in worsened meteorological conditions.

One of the airport's basic functions in the region is a support of passenger's flights. In the summer months, the airport can be used for departures of our tourists to the sea resorts abroad and in winter for bringing foreign tourists to the ski resorts in the region.

Development of the Sliac airport and its services will follow the region's requirements for the development of complex infrastructure. The airport's main future mission in relationship to the region will contribute to the development of the regional economy, tourism, and spas as well as to other activities associated with the overall development of the central Slovakia. All airport activities will respect the environmental requirements of its surroundings.