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Hotel Janosik 4*

Address:Janosikovo Nabrezie 1
Location:Liptovsky Mikulaš
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Wellness and Spa centre, relaxing pool, tepidarium, massages in Liptovsky Mikulas

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For all our guests who look for relax after a tiring day and also for those who prefer active relax, we offer our wellness centre services.

Get a new energy and let your body and your mind relax.

In the wellness centre you can enjoy the following services:

- 4 types of sauna (wet, traditional Finnish, herbal and infrared)
- Counter current relaxing pool
- Spa whirlpool
- Tepidarium
- Various types of massages (to order)

For all the guests, the wellness spa centre in the Hotel Jánošík is open daily from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.