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Atrium Hotel 4****

Address:Novy Smokovec 42
Location:Vysoké Tatry
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High quality culinary services in Atrium hotel restauran

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Atrium**** Hotelrenders its high quality culinary services in the following centers:

  • Restaurant with 200 seats
  • Bowling bar with 70 seats
  • Lounge with 40 seats
  • Wine cellar with 40 seats

Each center has its own unique atmosphere and quality service from the service staff. The hotel can provide complete service not only for its accommodated guests, but also for the clientele from afar. Our regularly updated menu offers a selection of meals from Slovak cuisine, popular foreign cuisines and various non-traditional specialties. The hotel centers are ideal for the organization of receptions and other events related to occasions such as weddings, celebrations, anniversaries, etc.