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Cesar Palace

Address:Via Nomentana 55, Salario
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Budget hotel in the centre of Rome, hotel with Kosher service in Rome, Italy

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Cesar Palace is a wonderful bed and breakfast in Rome, Italy . It is located in the centre of Rome, particularly in the central area of Porta Pia, Via Nomentana 56 (55). We are located close to the main hospital Umberto I and the university of Rome 'La Sapienza'. We are five minutes walk from the central station of Termini. We have a reception service and all our rooms are suite which have a private bathroom ensuite. We provide a Kosher service upon request: food, Shabbat room, we are the best kosher hotel in Rome in terms of quality/price location and beauty. We offer upon request interesting tours of the Vatican, Coliseum, Rome downtown, and the beautiful and old Jewish Ghetto. The tours from the We have arranged services with the main Kosher restaurants in Rome. We are close to the main synagogue Ashkenazi Chabad and also to the Sephardic. From the guesthouse you will be given a map and instructed on the main attraction, museums of Rome.

Cesar Palace in Rome
Cesar Palace in Rome