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Hotel Campo De' Fiori 3***

Address:Via Del Biscione 6, Navona
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Romantic and boutique hotel in historic Rome centre

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Hotel Campo de' Fiori is located in a unique position in the heart of the lively and pituresc area of Rome known as Campo de' Fiori. The hotel is a fabulous "BOUTIQUE HOTEL", romantic, cozy and sought after, that know's how to offer to it's guests a suggestive atmosphere to make unforgettable there stay in the Eternal City.
The hotel is situated since 1937 in an antique structure of the Roma Baroque period. It's façade is almost totally covered with a lush ivy that even before entering anticipates the charm of the interior of the hotel.
The inside where the "lived" high class elegance, the atmosphere of refined furnishings, sought after tapestries, authentic lacunar ceilings, antique paintings and decorated walls can be found.
An antique fireplace in the hall, always burning during the winter season, will invite you to a have a pleasant conversation or loose yourself in deep personal thoughts, captured by the magical warmth of the flames.
warm and fascinating reading room, with elaborated woodwork and an antique library, will seduce you to remain with your preferred authors for likeable moments of relax.
Your awakening in the morning will be made pleasant by a fabulous breakfast served in the library rooms, where you will find a warm welcome with an abundant buffet consisting of sweets and salts, aroma of freshly baked bread, soft croissant, a café with creamy cappuccino, caffè espresso, delicious chocolate, a vast selection of teas, and of all you could desire.
Another rare and unique stop during your multi sensorial stay is the top floor of the hotel, where you will find a multi level terrace which offers our guests a 360° panoramic and suggestive view of the city. From this privileged position, while observing this unique world show offered by the Eternal City, and being warmed by it's suns' rays you will be seduced by the splendid sunsets, while sipping a cup of champagne or a glass of fine delicate wine from the most famous Italian vineyards that you may find in your room.The "location" of this privileged hotel, Hotel Campo de' Fiori, which receives it's name from the famous plaza, allows in a few minutes it's guests to reach walking, all of the marvellous monuments of the centre of Rome such as: Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Castel Sant'Angelo and the Vatican City.
Leaving the hotel and turning the corner you will find yourself in a typical Roman atmosphere in the Piazza Campo de' Fiori, a lively picturesc morning market with it's fresh fruit and vegetables, that then turns into a magical living room where people meet for a carefree appetizer and to taste the many Roman specialties in the numerous restaurants or trattories of the area.