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Arena Riga

Address:21 Skanstes Str.
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Sport and concert arena in Riga

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Because "Arena Riga" is situated in the centre of the city, in the vicinity of frequently running public transport services, we encourage visitors of "Arena Riga", if possible, to use public transport, taxi or walk to the Arena.

The closest public transport routes:

  • If you are bound FROM THE CITY CENTRE - until the station "A.Briana iela" you can get by trolleybuses No 3, 5 and 25, and busses No 9, 11 and 33. From this station, you have to walk along Kr.Valdemara Street until Malpils Street (the next side street) which will take you directly to the Arena.
  • If you are bound TO THE CITY CENTRE, use busses No 9, 11 or 33 or vehicles on the trolleybus No 3 route until the station "Palīdzības iela". If you take trolleybus No 5 or 25, you have to get off at the station "A.Briana iela" on Kr.Valdemara Street.
  • The closest tram station for the routes 8 and 11 is on Miera Street, and you can get to the Arena via Alojas and Malpils Streets.

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