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Travel in Majorca

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Travel in Majorca
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The Balearic Islands are an archipelago, which belongs to Spain in Mediterranean sea and consist of 4 islands: Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera. This archipelago, which attracts tourists, is one of the autonomic regions of Spain, which has its own Parliament and an executive government.

The biggest island of this archipelago is Majorca - the most important one of all the islands and most approved by the tourists. This island is famous for the growing and processing the artificial pearls.

A capital of Majorca and also an administration centre of all the Balearic Islands is Palma de Mallorca - it also has its own airport. Palma de Mallorca is established in a large embayment of 25 km. length and 20 km. width.

The island of Majorca itself lasts 100 km from the east to the west and 75 km. from the north to the south. The landscape in the southeast varies with Sierra de Tramuntana mountains' chain with the highest peak Puig Mayor (1445 m.). The central part of the island is covered with flatlands, which sweep away in the southeast to a low-level mountains' massif of Sierra de Levant.

There are plenty of sunny beaches on the seasides lasting 554 km. They are even more fascinating because of the relief of the mountains' bases.

The tourism industry started being developed in the third decade of the last century in this island. The first hotels for the richest people of Europe rose up near the wonderful sandy beaches, the picturesque mountains, forests untouched by the civilization. It was an elitist recreation zone. Now Majorca has a large variety of the hotels and is available for everybody.

Initial decision of the island to be a luxurious resort, which provides the European services on the highest level and unquestionable comfort, still remained. The living is active here all entire year (soft Mediterranean sea climate guarantees a wonderful weather in winter and in summer). You will find everything in Majorca, what could ever be found in a modern resort. All the royal family of Spain comes to have a rest every August to the castle of Marivento which is being located in this island. At this time there are the regattas of the sailors competing in the waters of this seacoast. They contest for the royal cup.

There isn't unbearably hot even in the middle of summer in this island. The weather humidity in all the seasons varies for approximately 70 percent. It positively effects health of holidaymakers.

Majorca is one of the most attractive resorts in the entire world also because of its variety of nature. The guests have a lot to do not only by the sea, but also in the city which is full of entertainment. The wonderful mountains, the protected forests, luxuriant valleys, the farmers thoroughly take care of, allure to travel and enjoy of the continually of the changing landscapes. The vastitude of the immense sandy beaches confounds us in the costs of the island. There are also beautiful rocks, standing by, scrub and little pines growing on the coves and on little headlands, they spread romantic peacefulness. If you drive on the wavy mountains' lanes and if you move away from the bustle of the resort, you may find very cosy cookshops and restaurants, also you may admire peacefulness of nature.

It is very convenient to drive a bicycle or a motorcycle in the low mountains in this island. The bicycles and the motorcycles you can rent in any village.

The peaks of the mountains reach one-and-a-half kilometre, so it is not very difficult to climb them and to explore the landscapes, which are seen from above. Even though, that there are the paths, especially marked for the tourists, so it is impossible for you to get lost.    

The gourmands of impressions, who decided to travel through the island, will be definitely delighted.

This island has even forty protectable territories and it is one of the most ecological resorts of the Mediterranean sea.  Local inhabitants of the clean island may boast themselves of the fact, that their average length of living is longer than the inhabitants of Spain. Healthier people live in clean island. This island is being visited by 4 million tourists annually.

Pirates Used to Love Majorca in Ancient Times

People settled in Majorca 7000 years ago. The first inhabitants of the island could live in the caves of the island because of the mild climate. They used to find food on the trees growing in the woods. The inhabitants started to build their first habitation already 5000 years ago.  Those people were peaceful, living from the agriculture and stockbreeding.

In about the year of 1200 B.C. the situation has changed. A lot of people wanted to rule the important island in Mediterranean sea. Military communities formed in Majorca. All men was able to manage well with stoned weapons, they also knew how to fling the stones.  They frequently sank the ships of their enemies.



The inhabitants of Majorca withstood till the year of 123 B.C. However in this year the island was conquered by the Romans. Three thousand of people moved from Rome to live in this island. After the breakdown of the Rome empire the island was owned by one governor to another every hundred years. The conquerors changed each other. The most famous antique nations left the traces of their civilizations: Phoenicians, Greek, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs. The last mentioned nation brought to the island a lot of novel various plants, they built a number of new settlements, taught the local inhabitants incoming ways of agriculture, but Arabs were also famous of a piracy. The pirates of Mediterranean sea approved the island, which was in a strategically comfortable place of the Mediterranean sea. This fact had an impact to the architecture, the customs and the culture of the island. The king of Catalonia Aragon Chaime I was already tired of the pirates' incursions and after the fights, which took time for three months he banished Arabs and subordinated the island to his domain in 1229. In the place of the former capital rose the contemporaneous capital of the island - Palma de Majorca. The mosques were changed to the Catalan churches. The independent kingdom of Majorca existed from 1262 till 1349. Majorca was subordinated to Spain, but the real masters of the island were still the pirates for a long time. A new protection was found in XVI c. - there were a lot of towers built in the coast - the smoke, arising from them, warned about the forthcoming danger.  Such a manner of the warning was being used till the XIX c. It was completely banished from the pirates only in 1830, when the French soldiers conquered the capital of Algeria. From this year peacefulness came to Majorca. The ships from a continent started to sail to this island regularly. Travellers, romanticists, adventurers, writers, artists used to arrive to the island. All of them were looking for an inspiration in this island.

When the civil war took progress in Spain, Majorca didn't really suffer from losses, but the development of tourism stopped.  The ships from the continent started to sail to this island only after the year of 1950.  The communication of air transportation has appeared. The touristic complexes were started to build. The island received a status of an autonomic region in 1983. If the island in former times was a land of the agriculture, at this time already 80 percent of the inhabitants of the island work in the sphere of tourism.

Sight-seeing's, Excursions and Entertainment

Palma de Majorca - the Centre of the Archipelago

It is the capital of Balearic archipelago, the biggest city of Majorca and of all the Balearic islands. The city is alive, active and colourful, its past is rich and interesting. Almost a half of all the archipelago inhabitants live here (340 000) in the city. Almost every second building in Palma is a hotel. It is also a harbour, a resort near the bay of Palma, also a nowadays megapoly.  There are a lot of historical monuments, several museums in the city. It is worth to see a gothic temple of Majorca - the church of Saint Eulalia. In the place, where Arabs had their soap factory, the spacious gothic basilica was built in XIVc.

The times of the Moors reveal the wooden floors and Arabic bath-houses, which do not function anymore. 

The findings, which express the Muslim history of the country, also art of Majorca and the showpieces of ethnology are being exhibited in three departments of the museum in Majorca. There is also a museum of Ethnography in the city, which was founded recently by the famous Spanish artist Chuan Miro.
Two castles still remain in the old town of the city - the castle of Bellver, which stands already for 600 years and the castle of the kings of Majorca -the historical museum is established in this castle nowadays.

The gothic cathedral of Palma was started to build in the place of former Muslim mosque in XIV c. It is one of the most beautiful cathedrals of Spain. Its numerous towers and turrets nicely reflect on the water of the sea. The interior of the cathedral surprises us by its splendour and solemnity. The rose window of this gothic church is a symbol of the sun and one of the biggest in the world (the diameter is 11,75 m). The famous Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi performed the works of restoration of the cathedral in the beginning of XX century.

People speak Spanish and Catalan in the capital, the local inhabitants also like to chat in Majorca's dialect. All the service personnel speak fluently English, German, French.

Two Famous Lovers Found the Shelter in Valdemossa

Valdemossa is the ancient town in Majorca (16 km from Palma), where the architectural buildings from XV-XVIII c. still remain. The Carthusian monastery is an interesting one - it was built by the king of this island like his residence. Nowadays we can find out about the former everyday life of the monks in the museum. Also we can visit here the cell, where two famous persons used to live in winter in the year 1838-1839 - the writer George Sand, who wrote a book "Winter in Majorca" and famous Polish composer and piano-player Frederico Chopino, who have created one of his preludes here. "I am in Palma, surrounded by the palms, cactuses, figs, pomegranates and orange trees. The sky is greeny blue, the sea is emerald green, the weather is like a sky" - wrote the famous Polish composer and piano-player Frederico Chopino to his friends from Majorca.

When Chopino met George Sand in Paris, at first glance he didn't like the woman, who used to smoke cigars, wore male clothes and was famous of a numerous lovers. But time after time he was attracted more and more by this free individualistic nature. The artists fell in love to each other, and because they wanted to avoid the backbiting, they ran away from Paris together with two children of George Sand and at first took up a residence in the capital of Majorca.

At that time the island was wild, the tourists rarely came there. The local inhabitants were agriculturalists. Sand and Chopino rented a country-house and lived happily in the island, located far away from a noisy Paris. They both enjoyed the wonderful climate, she used to write prose, he used to create music. Unfortunately, Chopino contracted bronchitis (although people were talking that it was tuberculosis - the dangerous disease at that time). The owner of the country-house was afraid that his home can become infectious, so he ordered Chopin to move out.  A life of two lovers became a nightmare. They moved to Valdemossa together with two children. This place was the one they have found once by walking around. An old abandoned monastery stood here, high in the mountains. Right there in the monastery Sand and Chopino settled down. However the winter of Majorca and permanent rains only made Chopino health get worse. Furthermore it was difficult for the arrivals to belong together with the local inhabitants, who didn't understand their way of living, behaved with them unbenevolently, didn't want to sell any food to them. Both artists separated from the locals in the monastery and lived closed up. Notwithstanding the hard conditions of their living they still created their works. Chopino's piano was delivered from Paris to Valdemossa in 1839 and the composer shortly finished his collection of 24 preludes here. The works of ailing Chopino, which was written in the abandoned monastery savour of affliction.

On February Sand understood that a big danger threatened to his lover's health, and decided to leave Majorca. In this way their adventures ended on this island.

There was a museum built for the memory of this romantic couple in the town. There is an interesting drugstore of XVIII c. in the monastery. You may partake of various kinds of wine and liqueur in the coffee-houses of the town.

Formentor - Idyll of the Wild Mountains

Formentor - is the mountainous pelicular in the North of the island. The way through the mountains leads to it from Polenca harbour. It is like a prolongation of Sierra de Tramutana mountains with the spectacular precipices and the close pinewoods. This view is especially fine seen from Es Colomer survey tower in a background of azure water. There are more survey platforms in the mountains, where the magnificent landscapes of the surrounding areas show up. Even a tiny Colomer island is seen from there in the sea. When you get down from the mountains you may have a rest in a cosy idyllic Formentor beach. Here is the most appropriate place to have a rest for those, who are already bored from the city entertainment. Who appreciate quietness in the shelter of the wild mountains, where the silence is only being broken by the screams of the terns and the sough of the sea. It is the most idealistic place for the holidaymakers, who athirst for the absolute silence, when you are not pleased anymore with any sound around you. One of the hotels in a Formentor cape was often visited by the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin, well-known British politician Winston Churchill, screen star, a goddess of the 60'ies Grace Kelly, nowadays tenor Placido Domingo singing in the best-known halls of opera in the entire world. There are well remained Alcudia defence walls from the XIV c., two blockhouses and the ruins of the Roman theatre in the other side of Bahia de Pollensa bay. There are el Interiot, Sineu, Muro settlements worth of seeing on the way to Alcudia. They highly differ from the seaside villages and the well-groomed resort towns. When you travel, you can see the surprising amount of wind mills, which are characteristic not only to Majorca, but to the entire Spain, also you can admire the landscapes of the villages, which speak volumes about the past, the present and the future of the land.

La Granja de Esporles - en Ethnographic Manor

The ancient reliquaes were particularly saved here, therefore plenty of things remained, which could be interesting for the tourists. La Granja, which was already known in the times of the Moors ruling, is not far away from Esporales, established in the sequestered shelter of the mountains. This ancient country-seat from the X c. you may also call a museum of ethnography and folk, which introduce you to the art, handicrafts and agricultural implements of Majorca people. There are aplenty of examples of local ceramics, the porcelain dollies (people used to play with them several hundred years ago). In most of the workshops you can find out about the ancient work of carpenters', cobblers', jewellers' and perfume's specialists. The visitors are being confounded of the quality and the masterliness of the extant works in the workshops.

The country-seat is surrounded by the picturesque gardens, ponds, the natural fountains, springing to the height of very 9 meters. Numerous rooms and living-rooms in the country-seat, which style testifies us about the prosperous past are upholstered with the authentical ancient furniture, you may also find there antique clothes and various bagatelles. All of this makes us an illusion, that the hospitable landlords are gone somewhere just for a short time, and you are the welcome guests, who can find all the doors of the country-seat open for them. The housewife from the kitchen will feast you with just baked pies, flavoured with the house-made confiture, in La Granja homestead. And what a country-seat can be without wine! You will be proposed to taste it directly from the barrels in the yard. The country-seat revives when the various Majorca dance afternoons, the performances of the figural horseridings are being held there.

A Concert Near an Underground Lake in the Dragon's Cave

The Eastern seaside of Majorca is famous for the abundance of the burrows, caves, grottos. The most interesting caves - a cave of the dragon (Cuevas del Drach), opened in 1906 and located near the city of Porto Cristo. It is the largest cave in the island, the miracle, which was being created in thousand of years, the mysterious world of underground, which surprises us by the unexpected forms of the stalactites and the stalagmites, various labyrinths and the undergrounds lakes. A rout under the ground weaves to 1700 m. Here is also the largest underground lake in Europe Martel (177x40 m). The music concerts are being held in this "hall" near the underground lake. The musicians playing and sailing in the boats on the illuminated lake leave an indelible impression for the audience, sitting on the rocks...

Another impressive cave is Cuevas dels Hams. The underground corridors of 500 meters long connect 6 colourful caves of the stalactites and the stalagmites and the underground lake. The cave is called an „Angels dream" and is considered to be the most beautiful underground cave in Majorca.

You will be able to have an eyeful of the flatlands of Majorca in the localities of Porto Cristo. The cedars, pines, orange-trees, lemon-trees sigh here, the agaves are growing. All of this gives to Porto Cristo unique fascination.

Deija - the Centre of Attraction for Artists

There are the picturesque surrounding areas of Deija 3 kilometres beyond from Valdemossa. They are well approved by the poets, composers, artists. The town is peaceful and pleasant, it still has a typical colouring of the Spanish village. A well-known English poet Robert Graves lived here, created his works and was buried.

A great landscape to the sea, where the impressive Sa Foradado rock overlooks, appears from the survey platform.

Manacor - a City of Pearls

Manacor - is the second city of Majorca according to the size. It is the important centre of industry in the island. The well-known factory of growing pearls "Majorica" is located here. The pearls are being "grown", reprocessed and sold.

There is a lot of furniture being produced, especially from the olive-trees wood in the city.

The most important and most interesting building for the tourists is the gothic church, which was reconstructed in XIX c. and a government palace of the city, which is established in the former monastery of the XVII century.

Els Calderes - an Aristocratic Country-Seat-Museum

There is Els Calderes de Sant Joan complex of the country-seat - the museum 37 kilometres away from Palma, on the way to Porto Cristo. This country-seat is the typical example of a country-seat located in the flatland. Rooms and living-rooms, utility rooms of the fundamental living building still reserve the authentic aristocratic atmosphere of the XVII century. The spirit of the bygone centuries and the people who lived here still hovers in the country-seat. There are also interesting and luxurious collections of the pictures, the antique furniture, XVIII-XIX c. Applied art and armament.

The tasting of the local wines, gustation of the home-made snacks and the attention of the present landlord bias us in a pleasant way and return us back from the past to the present.

There is the small farm near the palace, where you can see the livestock, who are being grown in this land. Rare species of Ibica dog would be probably interesting not only for the cynologists, but also for the all the rest of the dogs' lovers.

A night club "Son Amar". It is the modern high-class night club, established in the country-seat of Majorca style from XIII c. About 2000 visitors gather here. The wonderful supper with wine and an international theatre are waiting for you. There will be the performances of the players of various genres (wizards with tigers, clowns). These shows are being vitalized by wonderful lighting techniques, groups of modern and Spanish dancing, soloists of pop and jazz music. After the impressive show there is the „singing" water fountains concert being held there.

Aqua parks. One of the largest aqua parks in the entire world is Aquacity in the resort of El Arenalio, not far away from Playa de Palmos. It is the complete town of water entertainment, where you can marvellously spend your time, to bath recklessly into the world affording water pleasures. There is a plenty of various water entertainment in aqua park located in Magalufo town.

Cognitive excursion to the island. During the excursion you can explore the Western part of the island and take a look at Valdemossa and the other towns, nature of the island, impressive heart-stopping Siera de Tramuntana mountains. When there is the congenial weather you can take a trip by ship from a picturesque Solero harbour to La Calobra. During the trip you may admire the craggy coasts of the sea. The excursion is being continued by the route La Calobra - Lluc - Inca.

There is the deep and picturesque mountain pass Torrent de Pareis not far away from La Colobra town. The devious mountain way from La Colobra to Lluca - is the wonderful entertainment for the extreme sensations lovers. Lluca is the monastery famous of the statue of the Mother of God, who is the patroness of this island.  The statue is called "Black Madonna" by the local inhabitants. Nowadays, like the hundreds of years before, a lot of pilgrims move to the monastery to pray for Madonna. 

Inca - is the third according to the size city of Majorca, which is famous for leather articles and footwear.

Feasts Interesting for Tourists

Majorca is well-known of its folklore. There are a lot of festivals held in the island. For example on March and April, during the Easter week, the street performances are being proceeded there.

In the middle of May the celebration of the Christian victory against the Muslims is being organized. During this celebration people shoot from the antique cannons, the sky is illuminated by the fireworks.

On 23-25th of June the Feast of Saint John is celebrated, people burn the fire, there are the tournaments of the knights and coridda being held here.

On 15-16th of July the celebration of a virgin Carmen - the patroness of the seafolk is held. During this celebration the ships are being sanctified, water sport competition is being organized.

In August art and music festivals are being held in Majorca and Ibiza.

Cuisine in Majorca

Majorca cuisine same as its nature is characterized by variety and subtlety. The base of the cuisine consists of seafood and fruits with vegetables, grown in the local plantations. Balearic cuisine is well-known of Spanish, Catalan dishes, also the ones made only in these islands. Like in numerous places in Spain here is also appreciated cold soup Gaspacho  (liquid salads), made of water, oil, tomatoes, garlics, cucumbers, juice of pepper, grapes' vinegar. Soup is served with the sippets.

People like pork, poultry dishes, crustaceans, fish. 

By the way, the homeland of mayonnaise is one of the Balearic islands - Menorca, so you can taste here various kinds of mayonnaise.

Tapa pubs are popular in Majorca. (Tapa - are small snacks from olives, Spanish cheese, fish, meat, mushrooms, ham, vegetables.)

You will be able to taste local anis bread, made already for a long time in the island, in the restaurants of traditional dishes.

Spanish Royal Family Has a Rest in Cala Major

Cala Major - is the resort totally in the neighbourhood of the capital Palma de Majorca (7 km. away). There is the famous Marivento castle established in this touristic zone, where in every August the royal Spanish family spends their holidays. Small, but very cosy town attracts by the crystal-colour sea, wonderful sand beaches, silence and peacefulness. It is an excellent place for those, who look for the calm rest and romantics. You can reach the capital of the island, where the life is active the entire day and night, in just a few minutes by car.

Magaluf - with Nemo's ship

About 13 km away to the west from Palma there is the busy resort zone Magaluf. A number of shops, pubs, restaurants and coffee-houses invite tourists in the green pedestrians' zones. Magaluf is better recommended to the youth. There is a plenty of discotheques, other institutions for your entertainment. You can also cheerily spend your day in aqua park. There are a lot of cars, bicycles and motorbikes rent stations. There is an Aquapark  in the resort for your water entertainment and water activities.

You will be able to take a wonderful underwater trip with Nemo's ship. The most modern centre of captain's Nemo waits for those, who want to find out about the underwater world of Mediteranean sea, its flora and fauna. The chip takes the visitors to a small Sech island in just 20 minutes. There is a dock for the submarine ships in the island. The trip to the mysterious underwater world takes about 45 minutes. You can experience really unforgettable feeling there.

There are two golf courts in the surroundings of Magaluf. There is the smaller but also very busy resort Palmanova several kilometres away from Magaluf to the direction of the capital Palma.

Families with Children will Enjoy Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, the modern resort is located 20 km. to the Southwest of Palma. You can meet there the holidaymakers from all the Europe.  Picturesque rockbound coasts are changed here by the bays with sand beaches. Santa Ponsa club has eight illuminated and also working in dark tennis courts, which are very popular between tennis lovers.

It is the peaceful green and picturesque touristic zone. There are less people than in Magaluf. This place is highly appreciated by the families with children. You can have an active rest in daytime and sleep in calm at night.

Camp de Mar, Paguera. Camp de Mar - is the peaceful resort place, 36 km away from the capital Palma. This resort location has sand beaches, low mountains and smells good of its greenery. There are several pubs, restaurants, shops in the little cosy resort. There is the more busy resort - Paguera 4 km. away. There is a plenty of coffee-houses, pubs in the beautiful cost, planted with palms.

Bicycles - they are one of the most popular transport mean of this town.  There are numerous cars and bicycles rent stations here. Picnics on foot are very popular in these vicinities.  

Formerly Christians used to hide from the Turkish pirates in this town.  The town kept its ancient beauty and also became the wonderful modern resort.

Playa de Palma, el Arenal. There is one of the longest sand beaches of Majorca between Playa de Palma and El Arenal. In Majorca beaches after every 700-8000 m. you will find a small pub, a bathing-box, a lavatory, a shower.

The rent of boats, sailboards, umbrellas from the sun and a good supervision of the beaches guarantee a wonderful relaxation by the water.

Avenue of the seaside, lasting till El Arenal yacht harbour planted with palms invites for a walk in the evenings. There is a green zone of pine-trees woods further from the cost, behind the hotels

In Playa de Palma it is not so noisy and busy like in El Arenal, but also here you can feel a cheerful holiday atmosphere.

There are activities for the sport lovers: you can find here riding, also skittle and play tennis. El Arenal is also well-known because of one of the biggest not only in the island but also in the entire world aqua park Aquacity. There is the small and peaceful location Cala Major 2 km. away from Palma

Cala Mandija. It is the holiday place (64 km. to Palma). There is the busy and active harbour of the island Porto Cristo 5 km. away from it. You can reach this harbour going by public bus or sailing by ship. By public transport you can also reach the surrounding towns and villages Manacor, Cala Millor, Cala Ratjad from Porto Cristo, which is famous for its underground caves.

Sa Coma, Cala Millor. Sa Coma - is the peaceful holiday place (68 km. to Palma) with modern hotels, shops, coffee-houses.  A wide sand beach and a beautiful bay is the wonderful place for the holidays. Sport lovers can play tennis here, squash, take a horseriding.  

2 km. away from this place is Cala Millor - more active and busy resort. There is a plenty of little shops, coffee-houses, pubs here, in the pedestrian avenue. There is a good communication by public transport between Sa Coma and Cala Millor vicinities. There is the little and cosy town 800 km. away from Cala Millor. The little harbour for the fishermen is there in that town.

Cala Mesquida - outlying quiescence

Cala Mesquida - is the wonderful touristic zone, established near the beautiful nature park Levant in the centre, in the north-eastern part of the island Majorca. A spacious beach in the bay is surrounded from the side by the mountains with growing pine-trees on them, the craggy rocks. There is the only one complex of the hotels built there. Because of this reason this place is characterized by especially calm relaxation. People, who are starving for having a rest from the city's noise and bustle, especially like this place. It is an idealistic place for those who is looking for the rest in the comfortable hotel, which stands almost in the wild nature. The nearest village is 7 km. away (there is a comfortable connection by the public transport). Cala Mesquida is very well appreciated by the families with children.

Alcudia. It is the important touristic centre established in the beautiful bay of Alcudia. The wonderful sand beach lasts there even for 11 km. Families especially like to have a rest here. Sport lovers will find where they can enjoy water sports, outdoor tennis, golf, they will be able to ride the bicycles. It is worth to visit a medieval fortress and ruins of the town's wall, from the times of ancient Rome, located in the town. There is a lot of little shops, pubs, restaurants in the new pedestrian avenue.

History lovers will enjoy a plenty of interesting things in the old town of this resort. Formerly the most important fortress of the island stood in this town, nowadays it remained only a part of it.

There is a yacht harbour in a very cape Puerto de Alcudia of the bay. You may reach it by public bus or go to a trip to see the surroundings from this harbour.

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