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La Comedie Francaise

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At the Comédie-Française, it is through the repertoire that successive generations learn and share the texts that speak of who we are. In this fragile art of theatre, playwrights represent the human soul in its richness and draw out the richness that lies dormant in us all. Loyalty and its opposite are present therein, and it is up to us to develop the insights that arise from these exchanges, from this life that is equal parts imaginary and real, fictitious and yet steeped in feelings common to all.

We weather storms, we sometimes experience disillusionment, yet deep in our souls the memory of our quest, of our ambitions and our dreams is still intact and true, and it strengthens the convictions that guide us. Time goes by and it is our underlying loyalties that attest to the journey we have made. By weaving into the very essence of human relations, the inseparable twin forces of fidelity and infidelity forge or undo the bonds governing relationships with others, ideals and commitments, bonds that each person attempts to respect and remain true to.


Muriel Mayette
General administrator of the Comédie-Française