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Auteuil Tour Eiffel

Address:8/10 Rue Felicien David, 16. Trocadero
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Cheep hotel in Paris centre

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During your stay in Paris, between strolls and shopping sessions, think about the cultural side of your journey ! You will have the choice between "The Image Factory" exhibition at the Quai Branly Museum where about 160 works and objects are exposed, and aim to show how the civilizations see the world which means how the images are interpreted. Also the "Sainte Russie" exhibition at the Louvre Museum that will let the visitor discover the origins of this civilization. And how about the "Crime and punishment, from Goya to Picasso" exhibition at the Orsay Museum that displays different theories on the criminal profile. Only few minutes away by bus from the most beautiful Museums in Paris, take advantage of the Auteuil tour Eiffel hotel location to discover this cultural events from 89 € per night in a double room !