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Paul Chene

Address:123 rue Lauriston
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Work time:From monday to friday lunch and dinner
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Traditional French food restaurant in Paris, French cuisine

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 Established in 1959 by Paul Chêne, chef cuisinier by training, and located in the heart of the Trocadero district of Paris, the restaurant 'Paul Chêne' is recognized as an institute of traditional French cuisine.
The high standards set by Paul Chêne as a celebration of regional products and exceptional quality of service is perpetuated by its new owner Harold Audouin in 2007.

All are prepared to the high standards to which regular patrons of
Paul Chêne are accustomed. Our staff look forward to welcoming you as
well as helping select an appropriate menu.
The restaurant's private first-floor dining room is also available for
personal or professional events with a menu specially tailored to meet
your requirements.

 Opening days :
From monday to friday lunch and dinner

Meniu from 30 Eur