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Fruit dessert with liqueur

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Fruit dessert with liqueur
2010-11-05 14:37



 ½ cup hazelnuts;

2 Tbsp zest;

2 Tbsp cornflakes;

2 Tbsp liqueur "Amaretto";

1 cup curd snack (vanilla);

½ cup cream;

1 lb fruit.

Fruit dessert with liqueur


Chop up the hazelnuts and zest to the very small pieces. Combine cornflakes with liqueur and mix everything. Stir up the cream and mix with curd snack. Stratify everything in the dessert glass in such order: cornflakes, cream with curd snack and fresh fruit, and again cornflakes, cream with curd snack and fresh fruit.


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Santa Helena Late Harvest
The lovers of Chile wine, which quickly becomes one of the most popular wines, could pamper themselves with totally new dainty. Santa Helena vintners suggest the sweet wine rarely made till now. Do not think that with Santa Helena Late Harvest wine taste it is danced to the taste of majority of wine triers. This wine is of high quality whose production requires many efforts. 

 The secret of sweetness of Santa  Helena  Late Harvest white wine does not reside in a sackful of sugar. In order to produce the royal sweet wine it is necessary to trust in the favor of nature. There is always cool weather in the Curico Alley among Chilean Cordillera range. These conditions are very important for berries which ripen very long in order these berries would get rich of the fragrant and delicious juice. The harvest is delayed on special purpose. Berries ripen over and become very sweet. Such late harvest of berries reflects in the title of wine - Late Harvest.

In the composition of this wine is only the exclusive harvest of Riesling vines. The similar wine of these vines is also produced in the motherland Germany. Chilean  Santa  Helena wine has a big advantage: frequent rain does not disturb berries to ripen. Over ripened berries have got definitely purer bouquet.

Harvest for the production of this wine is reaped with the hands of workers. Berries which are not of good quality are removed in the cantina. This practice is quite rare but it enhances the quality. The ferment of juice operates in casks of steel and oak.  Such combined variant does not give too bright taste and smell of oak for Late Harvest wine. It is exactly what need the lovers of qualitative Riesling. This wine fascinates with its style.

Amazing gold color wine smells quinces, honey and marmalade of orange. Juicy and enough gentle, sweet taste. Santa Helena Late Harvest wine is served cooled before meal or with not very sweet desserts.
Recipe of Slaweko Kowaleko

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Fruit dessert with liqueur
Fruit dessert with liqueur

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