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Le Paradis Latin

Address:28 rue Cardinal-Lemoine
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Cabaret in Paris, dancing show, beautiful, vibrant and sexy

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Conceived and directed by Christian Dura, one of the masters of this genre in France, we owe the success of several hit shows including Champagne, Hello Paradis, Viva Paradis the hundredth anniversary show and Paradis d'Amour. This year, the mythical Paradis Latin theatre is transformed into a magical garden where each dancer transforms to transport you into a farandole of scenes full of surprise and gaiety. An enchanted carrousel, a masked ball, Paradis à la Folie is a fabulous cocktail of musical comedy, lavish fanfare and modern ballets. Paradis à la Folie joins the extravagance and comedic universe that the renowned Cabarets and Revue's of Paris are known for especially on the left bank. The Dancers young, beautiful, charming, vibrant and sexy and a so very Parisian Master of Ceremony will guarantee an unforgettable evening in the Gardens of Paradise.