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The New Riga Theatre

Address:Lacplesa Str. 25
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Theatre in Riga.

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The New Riga Theatre is a professional repertory theatre that provides innovative art corresponding to the requirements of the independently-thinking contemporary spectator both in its content and form. The artistic principles of the NRT are simple: high professional, ethic and aesthetic quality. The theatre has an intelligent and attractive repertory of high quality focussed on a modern, educated and socially active audience.

In the era of mass - production and stress the NRT wants to affirm humanism, vitality and emotions and search for the way back to harmony and simplicity!

The New Riga Theatre is located in the centre of the city and also at the centre of the theatre life of Latvia.

In 1997 the leadership of the theatre was taken over by the artistic director Alvis Hermanis. A new artistic ensemble was formed of 17 actors, who are the most professional actors of their generation in the country. In 2004 nine new actors joined the troupe.

Although the New Riga Theatre is a state-owned repertory theatre it has also retained the spirit and manner of work of a theatre studio consistently keeping to the values of non-commercial art. The New Riga Theatre repertory is focused upon the study of theatre technology and not on the box-office incomes. The rehearsal period often lasts more than a year; productions are not made only for the large hall (470 seats) but also on other stages, also outside the theatre.

The New Riga Theatre has been to Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Finland, Germany, Austria, the USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United Kingdom, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Chile, Colombia, Korea, New Zealand .

The New Riga Theatre production of “The Inspector General” received Young Directors’ Project prize at 2003 Salzburger Festspiele (Max Reinhardt’s pen).