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Riga Russian Theatre

Address:16 Kalku Str.
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Theatre in Riga.

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Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian theatre (RRT) – the oldest Russian drama theatre outside of Russia – was opened on October, 2, 1883. So in 2008 it turns 125 years old.

The Theatre celebrated its 120th anniversary with a joint project (with the Edinburgh International Festival), and as a result, the Theatre’s repertory was enriched with “The Seagull" after A.Chekhov's play, directed by Peter Stein, «a living legend» of the European theatre.

The season of 2004/2005 was opened with a double premiere after E. Albey's play «Who Is Afraid of Virginia Woolf?», directed by Roman Kozak, in the Russian and Latvian languages. That unusual bilingual project was one of the steps in the cultural integration program developed by the Theatre.

The RRT’s repertory presents both the Russian and world classics as well as works of young playwrights. The big and small stages are the venues for the productions of all genres, including pieces for children and musical performances. The theatre actively goes on tours and successfully performs on festival arenas.

Actually the Riga Russian Theatre realizes 5-7 projects per season. The production group is often international as the theatre involves the creative recourses from all over the world.