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Riga Gallery

Address:20 Aspazijas blvd.
Phone:+371 67225887
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Mobile:+371 29289382
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Gallery in Riga.

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Riga Gallery represents the most outstanding Latvian contemporary artists – participants of the Venice Biennale Latvian national pavilion, Sidney Biennale, Moscow Biennale, Manifesta and other important international art shows.
The gallery promotes exhibitions of successfully Contemporary Latvian artists TOP 10 as noted artists whose individual style has become a well-known brand in Latvia and internationally – Ieva Iltnere, Ritums Ivanovs, Franceska Kirke, Liga Purmale, Barbara Gaile, Leonards Laganovskis, Ilmars Blumbergs, Henrihs Vorkals, Evelina Deicmane, Arnis Balcus etc.

Riga Gallery participates in international art shows since 1996 (Chicago International Art Fair, Chicago, USA), ART MOSCOW 2001 – 2010, Moscow, Russia, Sotheby’s contemporary art exhibition-sale in London 2009, Great Britain, VIENNAFAIR 2010, Vienna, Austria, BUDAPEST AR FAIR 2010, Budapest, Hungary,

Gallery organize Latvian contemporary artists exhibitions “The Rape of Europe” at Eskilstuna Art Museum (Sweden), "Nichts Persönliches" at Städtische Galerie im Buntentor (Bremen, Germany), projects “Masks” 7th ART MOSCOW, “The Wall” / Oļegs Tillbergs / 6th ART MOSCOW, “Identity” - part of European Culture Month in Riga etc.

Riga Gallery was founded in 1992. The gallery is housed in centre of Riga city – in a historical building, part of the so-called Boulevard Circle facing the National Opera and the Freedom Monument.

Director of Riga Gallery Inessa Rinke