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Riga Motor Museum

Address:S. Eizenšteina street 6
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Riga Motor Museum is the biggest antique vehicle museum in the Baltic countries.

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It has gained acknowledgement in Europe and in the whole world.
Riga Motor Museum is a state culture institution that is functioning both in Latvian and international culture environment, available to the public for research and education. It functions for the interest of the widest society circles collecting, preserving, researching, restoring antique vehicles as a part of industrial heritage and material culture and making them known to the public.
Riga Motor Museum is branch of Road Traffic Safety Department which operates under the Transport Ministry of Latvia Republic. The museum received accreditation in 1999, 2004, and 2010 and is a member of several professional organizations. Since 1992, it is a member of International Association of Transport and Communication Museums (IATMICOM), since 1994 – a member of Latvian Museums Association , since 2002 – a member of Latvian Transport Development and Education Association.