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Olympic Casino Latvia

Address:Kronvalda boulevard 3
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Casino in Riga.

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February – renovated Olympic Casino Talava, in Riga
Opened Olympic Casino Sigulda
March – renovated Bumerangs in Saldus and Bumerangs in Tukums
April – renovated Bumerangs in Madona
May – rebranded Olympic Casino in Liepaja
June – rebranded Olympic Casino in Jurmala on Jomas street 78
July – renovated Bumerangs in Riga on Matisa street 35

February - opened Olympic Casino Talsu 35, in Ventspils
March – opened Olympic Casino Kuldīgas 15/17, in Ventspils
May - opened Olympic Casino Dzirnavu 45/47, in Riga
June - opened Olympic Casino 18.Novembra 113, in Daugavpils
July - opened Olympic Casino Stacijas 69, in Daugavpils
August - opened Olympic Casino Jātnieku 79, in Daugavpils
September - opened Olympic Casino Lenču 5, Cēsis
October - opened Olympic Casino Beātes 2, Valmierā and Olympic Casino Rīgas 105a, in Jēkabpils
November - opened slot casinos Bumerangs Čaka 38, in Riga and Bumerangs Liepājas 9, in Kuldīga
December - opened Olympic Casino Latgales 52, Rēzekne

February - opened Olympic Casino Tālava, in Riga
March – opened Olympic Casino Jelgava
June - opened Olympic Voodoo Casino, in Reval Hotel Latvija
July - opened Olympic Farao Casino, in Riga
August - opened Olympic Casino Zolitūde, in Riga
October - opened Olympic Casino M. Nometņu 30 and Brīvības 235, in Riga
November - opened Olympic Casino Kr. Barona 44, in Riga
December - opened Olympic Casino Brīvības 90, in Riga

June - opened Olympic Casino Jūrmala
December - was bought 100% stocks of casino operator Baltic Gaming in Latvia (1 casino and 32 slot casinos)

Formation of Olympic Entertainment Group, the holding company of the 8 companies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

June - opened Olympic Casino Barona 3, in Riga
July - opened Olympic Casino Marijas 12, in Riga
August - opened Olympic Casino Domina, in Riga
September - was issued ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate by BVQI to Olympic Casino Latvia SIA


April 4th - opened first casino of Olympic Entertainment Group in Latvia, „Olympic Casino Radisson“ in hotel Radisson SAS Daugava in Riga

August 30th - acquisition of Casino Daugava in Riga