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Scandal, night club

Address:Kalku Str. 12/14
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Night Club in Riga.

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The best mood is mainly influenced by interaction of facts and events, the peole know about or even more - take part in!Every drink at the bar, where bubbles in the glass will be in a serious run-in with the drink itself and therefor will be jumping out of the glass, will be an EVENT!

Summer squash will publicly flirt with the visitors of the restaurant in the sweet-scented dinner brought from the kitchen, and You will have the opportunity to tell Your view. The club's DJ's will bring the grands of the music world together and then split them apart right infront of all the dancers - and You will be the first to hear it!

What's Scandal - Scandal is a well considered and qualitatively prepared EVENT, that to everyone of us is whether raunchy or sexy, tasteless or stylish, wrecking or hopefull - depending on the flight of Your fantasy. Only You are to decide whether or not it is condemnable or attractive. We have produced and are happy to allow You to see, hear and taste for yourself - this integral part of modern life!

Everything Is Possible!