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Royal Casino SPA & Hotel Resort

Address:Terbatas street 73
Phone:+371-67-092299, +371-67-506030
Email:manager @
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Casino and Hotel in Riga.

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Welcome to the most luxurious Royal Casino SPA & Hotel Resort. Our intention is to make your stay here as pleasant as possible, and our crew will do their best to make it happen!

Royal Casino SPA & Hotel Resort is a unique luxury five star hotel and entertainment centre that offers the highest class services to satisfy all your needs and wishes.

Royal Casino SPA & Hotel Resort offers to stay in the highest class suites and experience the unforgettable feeling of different world cities and styles just in one place.
Our centre proposes to relax and enjoy in the Season SPA beauty salon and feel fit in the Global fitness centre.
Sense the atmosphere of Riga nightlife in our nightclubs Studio 69, La Rocca, Tutti Frutti and get inspired in the Royal Casino.
You can fulfill all your culinary wishes by visiting our prestige restaurant Le Bouquet, cosy and light café Bellagio, and Lobby bar.

By visiting Royal Casino SPA & Hotel Resort you will have a wish to come back again!