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Le Crabe, seafood restaurant

Address:Jauniela 24
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Sea Food restaurant in Riga.

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A charming restaurant full of elegance & ambience, Le Crabe maintains its standards without being flashy. With a former Skonto Fish Restaurant chef at the helm and a location near the Dome Square Le Crabe is a place of choice for anyone willing to have a great dinner experience.

The array of seafood ranges from Mediterranean Octopus Carpaccio or Seafood and Sesame Seaweed salad to Steamed turbot with cauliflower puree, basil sauce and tomato tartar ‘to die for’. The results are simply executed, gently sauced and super-fresh.

There are meat & vegetarian alternatives alongside the seafood and a more informal menu is available in the bar. The cellar room lets up to 24 diners share its lower-level space with fine Cognac & Cigars.

Wine List: presented by grape variety, and with the bulk of the main list under EUR 30 there’s a huge array of affordable, interesting options. If you’re celebrating, head straight to the Le Crabe Bubbles section, which contains great value Champagnes simply not seen in Riga.