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Le Dome, seafood restaurant

Address:Miesnieku 4
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Seafood restaurant in Riga.

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In the historical centre of Riga you can enjoy art – visit museums, walk the narrow streets and experience unique moments! Moments that allow you to taste masterfully prepared Latvian fish and the fragrant, natural garden produce of the local farmers.

Every time you think about the moments spent in the Seafood restaurant, you will want to experience it again and again.

The seafood restaurant Le Dome enchants any gourmand with a seductive aroma, unique flavour and a friendly atmosphere. The key aspect of the menu is the use of Latvian produce and the masterful culinary skill of the renowned Riga chef Alex Žiļuks. This experience is highlighted by an exquisite wine selection with first-class champagne, red wine, aromatic and fine white wine!

When creating the seasonal menu and special offers, Chef Alex always keeps in mind both vegetarians and meat lovers.

This is definitely a restaurant with character - full of energy in the morning, brimming with business ideas during the day, but in the evening - romantic and light!

Restaurant working hours: every day from 7 AM till 11 PM.