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Vincents, restaurant

Address:Elizabetes 19
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Restaurant in Riga, Gourmet Restaurant.

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Since it opened in 1994, Vincents has become the prime destination for all those passionate about good food and fine wine. Vincents is located in one of the most picturesque parts of Riga, a 10 minute walk from the Old City. You will notice that the modern interior forms the backdrop for British-Latvian chef Martins Ritins’ inspired & constantly evolving cuisine.

A gourmet’s grotto & celebrity haunt. The guest book at Vincents is a cornucopia of praise from the President George W. Bush, brothers Prince Charles and Andrew, Paco Rabane, Pierre Cardin, Mstislav Rostropovich, Montseratt Caballe, Maija Plisecka, Nikita Mihalkov, Jose Carreras, Elton John - to name a few.

Martins uses only the very best ingredients, often seasonal, grown exclusively for Vincents by local suppliers. Whether you have a craving for fish and chips, a passion for the finest Italian dishes, or a penchant for sushi - our variety suits all diners. Vincents’ critically acclaimed dinner menu changes every week and provides a delicious journey through the culinary world.

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