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Uzbekistana, uzbek restaurant

Address:Bruņinieku street 33
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Traditional Food Restaurant in Riga, uzbek cuisine.

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About the restaurant

It’s almost impossible to describe all that oriental beauty which is сcombined in all four rooms of the restaurant Uzbekistana. At the birth of this restaurant our primary goal was to create a place, which would attract the Latvian intelligencia, gourmets and families alike, so that the patrons would realise that this place is accessible for anyone! This is the place, which is defined by the rich, but not elaborate inferior, the place, where patrons right from the start would feel its special homelike atmosphere and special aura. The place, where one can enjoy meals that are already known and try those that unknown to him, but are excellent alike. It is the restaurant, where food is cooked from natural products and is served in accordance with the ancient traditions, but the fresh bread is baked in a special tandir oven, which was delivered from Uzbekistan. In other words, everything in the restaurant should be made in a clearly defined shape, not only natural and beautiful, but also appetising. This place should speak to one’s very soul, so as it responds to it.

Interior design

A combination of the vivid colours and natural materials – is the simplest way of describing the interior design of the restaurant Uzbekistana. All interior decoration items are brought from Asia, like woven carpets, and the antique statuettes and tableware bearing the original Uzbek symbolic, not to mention the interior design items created by modern artists. Even the musical instruments, a lot of which are ornamenting the interior design, are made from the age-old grapevine stock, whereas their strings are made of lamb entrails. All musical instruments are in a working order, so the guests, if are up to playing may try them out, to a delight of all other patrons. In its turn, the tired travellers will be delighted to find a special chill-out place, where you can sit down on soft pillows made by Uzbek craftsmen, drinking tea and enjoying the magic of the East.

The Restaurant chef

The restaurant Uzbekistana is proud to present its chef cook Atabek Akhbarov, who during his 35 years of career in the catering industry was employed in very famous restaurants, among those is the legendary restaurant Bahor in Tashkent, and the well-known Moscow restaurant “White Sun of the Desert”. The restaurant chef is proud that he personally has selected all his staff in Tashkent, where from they arrived here, as well as that finally in Riga will have an opportunity of trying the authentic Uzbek pilaf, served in a kazan cooking pot.

The Restaurant’s Secret

If you asked me what the shaslik tastes like, I don’t think that in Latvia there is a person who won’t know. But are there many people, who know what is the right way of serving the shashlik?
In the restaurant the shashlik is served over hot coals in a special grill, thus keeping a meal warm throughout a meal. This large grill is tailor-made and is placed in a corner of the restaurant, and everyone can watch how food is being cooked.
An Uzbek national tandir oven, which was made according to the ancient technology, has been delivered from Uzbekistan. In tandir the airy flat cakes lepyoshkas are baked. Noodles are also handmade. All food is prepared from natural ingredients. In their turn, all herbs are brought from Uzbekistan.

A list of all restaurant special features is endless. One can mention the canary bird, who is singing especially sweet, when Uzbek delicacies are brought in, whereas the special atmosphere of the restaurant would surely have deserved appraisal from the renowned poet Omar Hajam. But better still is to come in person and enjoy the hospital atmosphere of the restaurant– 33 Bruninieku Street, Riga