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Harry Morgan, restaurant

Address:Dzirnavu street 31
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Restaurant in Riga.

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Restaurant Harry Morgan has a great special offer for dinner:

If you are making the reservation of table for dinner at restaurant Harry Morgan which is situated on Dzirnavu Street 31 you have an opportunity to have dinner for the special price:

  • Any two dishes from the menu (starter, soup, salad, sandwich or desert and main course) and glass of Prosecco will costs you only 7.00 LVL per person.
  • Any three dishes from the menu (starter, soup, salad or sandwich and the main course with desert included) and glass of Prosecco will costs you only 9.00 LVL per person.

Offer is available every evening from 18:00 till 23:00.

We also have banqueting room available for 12 persons.

You can make reservations by phone: +371 67331042