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Fellini Italian Club Restaurant

Address:Berga Bazârs, Marijas 13
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Club–restaurant is Riga, Italian cuisine, Italian food.

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We would compare the interior design to the way of Italian dress-sophisticated in their elegant simplicity. Photos of Maestro adorn the walls and his master pieces inspire the menu. Here you can enjoy the present Italian cuisine and take pleasure in an atmosphere « Dolce vita» from Fellini's films. This ideal place for romantic suppers and business meetings.

We are offering an extensive quality wine list.  Our comunicable and freandly waiters like italians with pleasure will tell to You with what wine to accompanied that or the other taste of meal.

Every evening from Thursdays until Saturday here are piano bar.

See You soon  and Buon appetito!

We are open every day from 12.00 until 24.00