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El Primero, Spanish gourmet specialty restaurant

Address:Smilšu Str. 6
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Spanish gourmet specialty restaurant in Riga…

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Housed in a landmark Art Nouveau building dating from 1912 and just a stone throw away from the centrally located Dome Square in Riga’s old town, El Primero unveils its culinary creations in a cozy, positive and always lively ambiance.

A fine selection of authentic Spanish dishes, chosen carefully amongst the many culinary highlights from all regions of Spain and Portugal, are presented in a fresh and appetizing manner for all to enjoy. Our wine cellar complements our menu with an abundant choice of Spanish wines, numbering no less than 100 varieties in total.

Whether you are looking for the right venue to enjoy your (business) lunch, fancy some traditional tapas in the afternoon or wish to indulge in a fine wine and dine experience, El Primero delivers in style. Daily fresh products of the highest quality, which are carefully prepared by our team of gourmet chefs, are presented at the table by our ever friendly and helpful serving staff.